It does matter, quite a bit.

Hmm. Your post reminds me of ...something Side of Beefy

With Hitlary, we learned it made quite a difference. Enough to torpedo the U.S. Government! (And Libya, and thereafter the EU, and most certainly Syria...)

Ponzi Q used cryptic, shilly-sounding canards to impersonate a Trump Admin "insider." And clearly strung people along without correcting any of the clearly-mistaken and provably false theories of Anons. And took credit for gathering autists for a Storm (that simply never came: it was "calm BEFORE the storm" and then "patriots fighting" during this storm and, if I recall, "justice!" I missed the "storm"!)

The difference QLarp makes is that the intention was evil: Ponzi! Make money off of who they hoped would be ignorant neckbeards. That has a way of punching a hole in the real movement, by giving false hope to who they'd hoped were real Americans wanting to take back their country.

We were already thinking critically; that's how Trump got elected.

QLarp tried (is trying?) to make chaos reign, not "critical thinking."

I understand where your opinion comes from and you want to see these deep state sickos go down just like me and every other non brainwashed human being.

However, for the record I do believe the Q group is legit and there has been many corroborating clues/hints through the months to show this. Not sure how much looking into this subject u have done, but all this info is out there if u are interested. There has been no money made by this for Q anon and I cant see how it/they would. And if it awakens the masses to an elite corrupt deep state that controls things from the shadows (which is definitely real and a fact) than I cant see how it would matter if Q is a fake.

Again being real or a fake wouldn't matter because all its doing is bringing these dark topics to more and more people that would not otherwise be exposed to it. I would not consider this false hope, I would consider this something to build this movement and make it stronger. The 25,000 plus sealed indictments definitely mean there is much to hope for.