#QAnon - Flynn, FISA, EO's, FREEDOM Latest Q Posts 2/1/18

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I had just finished my last post for the night and decided to check the Q boards before I went to bed. Lo, and Behold, there were new ones. THE BEST PART, is that it corroborated everything I had just finished writing in my last post! AMAZING timing.

Listen to my video as I go over ALL of the latest posts

Things are falling right into place:

"Freedom stands tall over ONE MORE monument, THIS ONE, the Captial"

  • President Donald J. Trump, 2018 SOTU
    WOW! What a time to be alive!


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Many thanks, you are great!!!!

You’re appreciated...I’m amazed at how much this community is coming together.
It’s a far cry from the lonely awakenings we all have endored. It’s wonderful to witness.