Facebook suspended me so I told Zuck I would remind Everybody about his attempt to take land from Hawaiian Land Owners, not to mention What he said about Everyone in College and the shared employees with Google!

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Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 11.42.40 PM.png

It all started with my sharing this out for fun as I spend All of my free time sharing out Truth, attempting to show people Connections and Waking the Others Up!

Screenshot of it and link with video clip below,

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 6.57.32 PM.png


So as you can see, all I put was, "When you're a male and no matter how hard you try to be Clear. . ."

Didn't even say anything about what we All are seeing. . .The White Male is the most endangered among us due to the vile attacks of radical progressives! See, left that out and Still not enough for facebook snowflakes.

So they send me this when I am posting to like minded groups! No proselytizing going on,

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 10.53.41 AM.png

So I did Indeed click on the let us know link if I felt I had Not violated their "Community Standards!"

Now We all Know by default I Violated their radical Community Standards. . . just by existing and daring to speak a viewpoint that lied outside of the Socially Engineered Programming!

Here is a screenshot of my note to them and the words will be typed below.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 11.41.03 AM.png

When I tried to share out a funny video on a Guy Doing his Best to make it clear he didn't want to be tagged for harassment. ..facebook for No Reason at all Suspended me. This is what they sent me when I tried to share out to like minded groups they sent me this message.

I did my due process, clicked on their link to let them know I don't Believe This Goes Against their "Community standards!" How can it. . .he's For Consent. Always complaining at conservatives no matter what, even when we line up with what they "Claim" they believe!

I did a screen shot of the note and here is what it said,

What did I do? I'm sharing to Like Minded groups I have been asked to join. Why am I not allowed to post to them?

We all share the same values and I don't see this happening to liberals who share out even when it is unwanted. They name call and belittle and you guys with the Zuck's blessing let them keep going, but if conservative. . .Suspended, Harassed, Banned!

I will be sure to let people know on all platforms that Do Not censor. . .Gab, Steemit, Bitchute, Voat what you are doing!

Have you had your meeting yet? You coming soon after Google's Meeting for Transparency, Accountability, Data Collection, Use and filtering Practice.

I'll throw in your lawsuits over your Elitist land in Kauai too!

Good stuff here Zuck!

Mark Zuckerberg is suing Hawaiian land owners to secure his 700-acre island getaway




YIKES! Please reconsider, because we both know time is short and I'd rather be focusing on other things than reminding people of your trail Zuck!

Turn from your ways and choose Good!


Melissa M.

I do wonder if Facebook's meeting will be soon as this meeting for Goole recently occurred and now we see a Great Deal happening!

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 4.03.44 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 4.29.08 PM.png

See the entire article here which connects so much of what the White Hats have Always known about this tech giant here,


Back to facebook,

If you're not aware at what Mark Zuckerberg had to say about people who would be engaging on "his" or the CIA's platform. Very enlightening.

This also includes his "charity" with all their Virtue Signaling that reads like a Who's Who for the DNC!

Who will Mark Zuckerberg Protect? Who has he stabbed in the back? Does past behavior predict the future?


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Facebook was asking me ten times in a row about an hour ago in these pop-up boxes if I was a bot or not, just for searching for my older photos from 2012.

Banned From Facebook Search Screenshot at 2018-12-12 19:10:50.png


Wow! Ridiculous! Someone should write a song about Them harassing every common sense person out there!

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I deactivated my account this week...for good.


I can understand why! Even Q has said to do so, but what happens when all of these social media platforms where the asleep gather become just an echo chamber for evil and No One is telling the truth?

Those are the questions I ask myself. At the same time, FB and many social media platforms are indeed just a drain on the soul of human kind. Yet another way for the cabal to further it's message and primary agenda.