Qanon- News from Q and a ton of stuff Q followers dug up- Sorry it isn't more organized.

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Qanon seems to be sharing information with the public about an under the radar war being fought right now. Battle lines are a little hard to tell because it seems as though the guys running this planet are in just about every country, every organization, and every walk of life there is. So, It's more like rooting out and kicking out a bunch of infiltrators than it is a war like in WWII where there were clear battle lines and countries and uniforms.

I'm gonna host a panel discussion on this topic 2 weeks from today. Next week is the music forum. Week after will be Q. A lot of people think Q is totally full of shit. Even the mainstream is writing hit pieces. Honestly, the later makes me more confidant it's real. Either way, Q seems to have extremely interesting news, photos, and seems to be helping to take down sex traffickers and pedos, so at least for now I'm board the Q bus.


You can find Q posts on 8chan, or you can visit : for an archived list

Today's Drops

Yesterday's Drops

What does April Showers refer to? Theory-

Reason to be suspicious of Q- group was formed to hunt Snowden?

Hit Piece

here's a hit piece by the NYT:

This is the congressmen that was recently outed. Owns a website

Facebook cofounder running from CIA

Recent Earthquake caused this seismic data. No ringing... Thus bomb.

David Seaman and fulcrum news on unsealed indictments

Pedo News

old news

Red Shoes theme

this doesn't seem healthy

Senator from CA jokes about Trumps death

Extensive story of how Trump has been fighting these people since the 80s

Obama ring matches Epstein pattern?

Ray Chandler- Q said to check out this guy. This is what anons found.


art tie to chandler and Abramovic?

More on this girl later

Epstein Island

Earthquakes to go with it (could be explosions too, didn't see seismic data)

Adrenochrom Drug Trafficking?!?

Clinton on epstein plane


Looking for thoughts on that girl. on the left... girl on the right is Maddie?

US sanctions against "Russia" target McCain ally


indictment is unsealed

Oregon won't send National Guard (NG)

What is the national guard doing? Theor-

Greenland selling Uranium?

Limited confirmation that Trump is working with Q

Q says we're at war. Lots of "crashes" keep happening

Tried to take backpage down before in 2012

Now they did!

Q calls out eminem

Pedo dude tries to suicide himself

Q suggests everyone reads the Q boards

Zero Tolerance- I don't think this is just for immigrants..

Thoughts on up all night

Jimmy Kimmel- hannity is calling him a pedo on Twitter

Blake is having a bad day. He's the guy with the website

Midland Agency-

Current national state of emergency

Epic Q map

Q making noise

Back Page CEO in trouble

NX getting busted

DNC member goes down

Ispector General has everything from HRC email server


Mayor bails

Cernovich is joined by Miami Herald seraching for answers on Epstein

Looks like the hard way out another way out for pedos

Story of what happened with Syria leak


here's teh guy

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here you have the list with all the people stepping down


Dude… this is some heavy shit. 😶


Thank you for the news!

Good information about qanoon politics and government

These people are absolutely DISGUSTING!


Really nice job. I like this interpretation of "epicenter" and "full house". I was watching Patriot's Soapbox for a few hours last night. They had a couple of ideas, but not that one. Also, there was a mention that a photo posted last night of Epstein Island fire was old, from 2015. I also saw Seaman's comments last night. It's good that he's back on track again, but this is FAR from over. Lots of hard work to go yet.

Comprehensiv link collection.
The pieces of the puzzle always lead to satanic cult activities of the mentally dereangee puppeteers and their puppets. The fish rots down, from the head.

Looking fwd to the Q-panel.

Hey @aggroed nice post 😍
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Been following Q for awhile...

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