Puzzle Me #2 - WIN SBD

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Hey Steemians,
Can you solve my puzzle? Work-out your brain and you could win some SBD!
I hope you find it enjoyable and participate.

This is the solution to Puzzle Me #1


First person to answer correctly was @photoquest
Second person to answer correctly was @onefatindian
Unfortunately, I didn't make any post earnings, but I will be sending a small reward anyway. Hopefully, I will have more participants the second time around. Thanks for playing!

Here is Puzzle #2
Find out what number the question mark represents.


Upvote this post and comment your answer.

The first person to answer correctly will get 50% of the post earnings.
The second and third person to answer correctly will get 25% of the post earnings.
Paid out in 7 or 8 days from post date.

Have fun!

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Woohoo! 2nd place! :D

My answer for this one is: 9