pushup - now accepts STEEM or SBD bids

in #pushup7 years ago (edited)

Push your post UP with @pushup bot!

From now on @pushup accepts STEEM or SBD bids.

@pushup uses current internal market prices to calculate conversion ratio.

Current 100% @pushup ~ $750, every 3 hours.
Minimum bid: 0.1 STEEM or SBD.
Copy url in memo.
Post must be less than 6 days old.

For support contact pushup#7678 on Discord or leave a comment below.

Now is upvoted with 1% thank you

10 hr ago I send you 0.100 SBD to this post but the post was not upvoted. Please check this link.otherwise Please refund it.

why Unable to accept bid plz tell me

Post must be less than 6 days old for a @pushup. Bid refunded.

Love pushup. you are great.

Thanks! ;0)

Can you suggest me what can we do against those bot which are scamming people.
Btw pushup service is great.

Which bots are scamming?

minnowhelper didn,t changed there min bid. its 0.01 sbd, but they made a rule that what ever bid you make, the vote percentage should be greater than 0.25%
I think this is a great way of scamming. without these some bot are delaying too much, like minnowhelper, aomura.
But push up is good working, hope it will continue like this.

One of your posts got a @pushup.
Second post was too old and bid was refunded.
Must be less than 6 days old.

I didn't get any upvote for this post. It's been 7 hours since I've bidded.
UpVote not done. No money was refunded. Transfer 0.260 SBD to pushup

Your bid could not be accepted and was refunded. Please try again.

Both of those posts received a @pushup about 7 hours ago.

i send you 0.100 SBD .... upvote me

Your post got a @pushup about 1 hour ago.

12 hours ago Transfer 0.100 SBD to pushup https://busy.org/kr/@makefigure/6jge9a

Post must be less than 6 days old for a @pushup. Bid refunded.

sir i am new...so i have one mistake... 5 days ago post in ur site i am invest 0.238 Steemdollar... then 1 hour left i see to my that post 6 day. ....but sir u that Post must be less than 6 days old.....so sir what i do plz....tell me dear.???

Your post received a @pushup.

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