pushup - february 2018

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Push your post UP with @pushup bot!

End of the Month Report

In February @pushup kept on pushing.

Slightly increased delegated SP to 378 thousands.

Curation rewards increased vested balance to 3500 SP.

Number of pushupers and followers grew.


+1,500 SP+3,000 SP




+1,500 SP

Current 100% pushup ~ $300, every 2.5 hours.
Minimum bid: 1 STEEM or SBD.
Copy url in memo.
Post must be less than 5 days old.

Joy bids 5 SBD.
Alice bids 2 SBD.
Tim bids 3 SBD.
Total: 10 SBD
Joy gets 50% @pushup.
Alice gets 20% @pushup.
Tim gets 30% @pushup.

Bot tracker can help you bid. http://steembottracker.com

For support contact pushup#7678 on Discord or leave a comment below.


Sent 5sbd on this post

And you are giving me 9.51 vote,that means i am on the losing side,couldn't even able to recover the 5sbd i put in it

@pushup value depends on total amount of bids collected in a round.
http://steembottracker.com can help you bid.

18 hours ago i sent to you 1.00 sbd for up vote still i can't recieve any upvote from you. https://steemit.com/photography/@mirzaaliimran/photography-orchid

Your bid was refunded. Please try again.

no my bid is not refund pls check

24 hours ago i send to you 1.00 sbd for upvote and still i m waiting for your upvote or refund.

Sorry about the mess-up.

pls see the below image i have sent to you yesterday 1.00 sbd

good to know. i was about to promote with them

Hi @pushup!

Why only get $ 1.670 when @pushup does upvote? can not you give $2.000 or more? Please explain and confirm. thanks.


pushup value depends on amount of bids collected in a round. Wait till next round if too many bids were sent.

Good job

Great one the post @pushup
Thank you. I am a newcomer in steemit and have just posted self introduction. Hope i become a friend and i am looking for guidance in steemit

Hallo, i sent 10sbd to you for upvote on this post:

I had only $18 in which if u calculate, am on a losing side, cos the $18 upvote is giving me only 9.27sbd

@pushup value depends on total amount of bids collected in a round.
https://steembottracker.com can help you bid.

Like wise me,honestly am not pleased with this bot

How to send sbd? Where to get your memo from?
Pl share your discord username.

send bid to @pushup, copy url of the post you want upvoted in memo
@pushup support on discord is pushup#7678

hallo bro. nice post . i am new member steemit upvote plz. and new ida

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