Delegate SP to pushup bot, get paid daily!

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90% of revenue!

Did you ever want to own a Steem promotional bot?

Now, you don't need to. @pushup can be rented.

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Delegate SP to @pushup and get 90% of the revenue generated by your delegation, paid daily!

enter image description here

Current 100% pushup ~ $25, every 2.5 hours.
Minimum bid: 0.25 STEEM or SBD.
Copy url in memo.
Post must be less than 4 days old.

Joy bids 5 SBD. Alice bids 2 SBD. Tim bids 3 SBD. Total: 10 SBD
Joy gets 50% @pushup. Alice gets 20% @pushup. Tim gets 30% @pushup.

Bot tracker can help you bid.

For support contact pushup#7678 on Discord or leave a comment below.


I sent you 10 Steem 5 hours ago. Your time says 2.5 hours. What’s going on ?

Your bid was refunded because it was over the max allowed, which is 5 Steem or SBD. Please bid with a smaller amount.

Just didn, thank you

I was sent you 2.0 SBD about 14 hours ago, but didn't received a upvote and refund. Please, look into the matter and refund my SBD. The post link is

Your bid was refunded. Please try again.

I also send 0.250 SBD to you @pushup and you sent me that the bidding was full ,but didn't receive any refund. Please, look into the matter and refund my SBD the post link is

Ahmm my sbd was already in the current round of your bid thanks @pushup :)

I gave you 0.25. Now I did not get the dollar back

Achcha. To ye hai tumhari technique daily 100 dollar kamane ki
Maine tumhare blog pe 2-3 baar poocha, kekin ignore kar diya

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@pushup I noticed you were available for rent? Whats the price and process? Well terms of service? Definitely interested.

All you need to do is delegate SP to @pushup and get paid daily. The more you delegate the higher your rewards.
90% of the revenue generated by your delegation is paid out.
You can use
to delegate.

Hi @pushup,

I sent you 0.25 SBD a few hours ago, but i didn't get any vote from you, please check it.

this post :

hai bro, i saw in the, the last upvote the bot did is 19 hours ago, better to be careful next time, and make sure that bot vote before you bid any amount 😉 cek in first

I just bid a 1sbd, your final payout was 2.20sbd. There is no where that says this bot is capped at 10%, please either legitimately vote my post as your bot is described to do so or please refund my 1sbd. thanks!

You got what you paid for. Bid bot votes automatically based on total amount collected.


Any amount will do, but the more SP you delegate, the higher your income will be.

Do not forget to select and follow

Refund sent.

Did a bid of 1 steem 9hrs ago. No upvote yet

Your bid was refunded.

Hi @pushup sent 1 SBD yesterday and 1.5 SBD today for the following post but did not get the upvote.

Only one bid per post is allowed. Your bid was refunded.

Thank you @pushup. In fact neither bid was successful. The post is 4 days old now. Do you want to do the 1 SBD vote or refund that?

1 SBD was refunded too.


I sent you a bid, but somehow didn't receive my vote and never appeared on Steembottracker. Please refund.

Your bid was refunded.

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