My Big Modeling Debut!!

in punchline •  6 months ago

Please enjoy highlights of today's promo shoot for my new Steemit witness account campaign "@revengeofthenerd".


-Hair* & makeup: @littlescribe
-Wardrobe: @damira
-Photo: @dandesign86
-Video: @flipstar
-Props: @diebitch
-Trainer: @rmsbodybuilding
-Artistic Coach: @acolucky
-RPG Game Coach: @acidyo
-Technology: @raised2b



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he doesn't know if he wants to be a sumo or a samurai, so he went with both

@steemmatt - you need to get back to your workouts -'ve put on a few pounds. :-)

Bahaha. I love clicking on #new. This is the first time I've seen your work, man, so I'm yet to put it into context here. Is this you in the GIF?

Take care.


Hi - no, not me in the gif, although now I wish it was me. I'd kill it with the ladies at the cosplay meet-ups.

I post one or two jokes a day, so feel free to stay tuned for more. Thanks for your support.


Nice to know, bud!

Keep working hard.


Great idea... You know what we should make COM a witness...


Naturally. Patiently waiting for your promo shoot...

Congrats! Careful is a vicious world out there :)


Thanks for your advice and awesome upvote!

Wow so nice acting as a gamer. So funny also.