Morning Would, If And Only If

in punchline •  6 months ago

When your wife says she's actually in the mood for morning sex...

After you make her pancakes, walk the dog, and bring her the newspaper.



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my wife might be if i make her pancakes, walk the dog and bring her the divorce papers signed

Yea unfortunately once you get married this is how foreplay looks

He calls it morning wood, she calls it morning wouldn't.


Wouldn'vr might also apply.

If I actually give her morning sex, she should bring me coffee and pancakes afterwards..I DID give her the best 7 seconds of her life...👍


Holy crap. If I ever lasted 7 seconds, I'd get breakfast in bed for life!


Okay...I was bragging a bit...the 7 seconds include eating the pancakes..But I gave it my best shot👍


Ha ha ha

He he. Excellent context for that clip.

ha ha ha... you are very funny man..
but i haven't any wife.
its my bad luck.

Hahaha. To me that's a treat.

morning wood wow good