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RE: Are Humans Good By Nature? Or is This Something That Has to be Taught?

in #psychology4 years ago

I believe we are neither good nor evil. Everything is based on pure instinct, which kicks-in only when the situation occurs. You can be as good as you want during the peaceful time, because it cost you nothing. That is a positive thing, but that does not make you good by default, and all the studies in fake environment, when people know that they are not risking their life just makes no sense to me.
And those instincts to thrive and survive cannot be bad or good. They just are what they are. Sometimes they look immoral and injust, but they are necessary for human-kind to survive.
P.S. I would also wish that nobody would fight, lie, and hurt each other :D But we have to let go of egoism for that to happen, and I don't see it coming any time soon :D


Well said!
That was part of my concern on the study in the scientific american article...specifically how valid was the data when applied outside the controlled environments.

You also make a good point in the distinction between between what's the peacetime vs survival situations. In those survival states, I agree, you really can't fault someone who's defending their self in that sense.