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Looks like my spiritual posts aren’t that interesting, well, what have I expected from people, right? It’s people, after all. And most of them (or at least wanting to be smart majority), are looking for tools to play the game. Game is 2 things : money and people. Play it. Fucking manipulative cunts , on the other hand - are the once’s on the top of the world.


All you have to know for basic manipulation. Three things :

“Be” like them.

“Help” them.



First of all - take an acting class, debate or public speaking class. Choose your mask. You can be a different person 10 times a day, so for certain person(s) just be one of them. Find at least 10 things in common and listen LISTEN - make them believe that these 10 things are THE MOST RARE in the world. Example : food, music, travel, kids, water, sun, walking, the way you poop.

Like “Omg I can’t believe you like Kinder too”. Because NOBODY, careful, NOBODY except you and this person(s) like Kinder. Drill this in their minds - KINDER IS SPECIAL, so are they. Feed them Special, feed them Kinder.

Kids - simple, find out if they like them or not. Play accordingly. Ok, now you have an anchor to manipulate with.

Water. Make water look like EVERYTHING you can dream about, and SO ARE THEY.
“NO SHIT SHERLOCK, you also know that water has no color?!” Let me marry you.

“Omg you like walking and sport cars? I can’t believe it, ME TOO”...Doesn’t matter that you hate walking and prefer to fly. You just have to play it.

Impress them. Theory of Predictions. Example: ask them to choose a number between 1 - 11. Then “guess” it. MAGIC SHIT. Its also MY FAV NUMBER. You’re a GOD now, and so are they. Priceless.


Find 10 most “rare” compliments (about yourself) and shower them in these (as it’s them), when it’s least expected. Well, that is of course a short cut, but you get my point. Psychologically speaking, it’s called “Mirrors”.

Now, ALL GOES TO SHIT, when someone actually understands it. And is doing the same shit to you. Don’t be stupid - KEEP PLAYING. Human brain is extremely smart and extremely stupid both at the same time. Patterns, when kept for a long time, remain. Other people(or a person), no matter if they’re playing the same exact shit - end up believing it. So keep the game.

Check this : YOUR CAT CAN ALSO MANIPULATE YOU. Have fun! Prince Michael Official. For cat lovers.


“Help” them.

Human brain can swallow LITERALLY anything when its well-served…Example:

Help them believe that Earth is flat or round or doesn’t exist at all(whatever your own brain believes). Thus, be a confident liar.

Help them realize - Love is an illusion, highest frequency of all, or human manipulative factor for marketing(also up to you).

Help them be confident. Especially works with nerds who do nothing but running algorithms. (FOR YOU at the end).

Help them realize - they actually don’t have friends. Only you. EXCLUSIVELY you. And ONLY YOU two against the World. Also helps to know about their parents and childhood, but thats another story. When you're done getting whatever you want, say "I DID IT FOR THE LULZ".

Just kidding, don't say that. You risk being murdered.


Repeat - Is Another SUPER Level.

Let me tell you an OBVIOUS SECRET - you can manipulate EMOTIONS, more than that, you can make them last forever. Its called "Emotional anchor", in other words - MEMORIES - Real or fake - mind can’t really tell the difference, so make both.

Real memories - shit you do together(don't forget to make it special), movies, songs, political views, religion, spirituality, potato, BITCONNECT for christ sake. Anything.

Fake memories. Sit and talk about their favorite future dream WITH YOU and make sure they fall in love with it. Filthy rich, changing the world, traveling, writing a book, future family house, pets,( don’t forget to go with details). Yeah and then remind them about it as much as possible (in appropriate situations of course). Boom they admire you. FOR THE REST OF LIFE.

Remember, the only difference between dreams and reality - is the amount of witnesses. You already have two.


Well, honestly, after all is said and done, in case you made it until here, by all means, the way from Dale Carnegie - How to win friends and Influence people to Osho- Paradox, or The Man with no Title - is just a matter of time. After all these experiences, books, manipulations, I ended up being Spiritual. First - Karma exists. Second - I don’t plan to rule the world, I have my own. Third - I do believe in Love.

And people...well it’s just people, after all. They believe in "happiness” - “temporarily shit”. It can be artificially made. Human or drug wise - you have to pay the price at the end. Thus, your brain is no longer my target, your soul - is.


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I remember this girl recently came to a conference and asked me about masternodes. she knew I was a super nerd from the getgo, and def helped with my confidence.
Even called her out on the manipulation, it was cute, and she almost was on my level with it. She kept doing it though, with a bit more subtlety. What she didn't know was from the get go I was doing it too, but she denied it at first. Eventually we both fessed up to doing it to each other, unless it's a giant mindfuck and she secretly was better than me at it.


Everything in life has a meaning. A meaning YOU give it! Mindfuck might as well be interesting and meaningful! Enjoy huhu =D