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RE: Psychology Addict # 41 | Leaving the Past Behind

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This is why everyone advises that people focus on themselves and their own self-growth after a break-up! Because feeling good with the present makes one better at dealing with the past!

I've been there, trying to deal with past breakups, trying to deal with past hardships, and I always find strength in the present! Developing good eating habits, fitness, reading more, creating new things... makes me happy and better able to deal with the past!

Steemit actually helps me a lot with making myself feel better about the present, it makes me, not only create content but actually earn something for the things I create! These 2 facts make me feel better about the present me, makes me feel fulfilled!


I always appreciate and am grateful for the people who share their real life experiences and achievements here @teutonio. You have attested that focusing one’s energy on the present moment and on what is to come is an effective way to overcome painful past events and memories.

Using steemit as an example of what keeps you creative and productive is very pertinent in this discussion :)

It is nice seeing you around.
All the best.

I'm on holidays, finally some time to write, to think, to do my own thing!

Dwelling on the past makes on stop in time... The past serves as lessons for the present and future, we should always keep moving on, because to stop is to be dead, I see plenty of zombies moving around still dwelling on the past, living but not living at the same time...

It is nice seeing you too!
All the best too :D

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