To Switch Places With a Royalty

in psychology •  6 months ago 

Growing up as a kid, even if I was nerdy and shy of the outside world at some point, I once wished I could be like a celebrity kid. Maybe Jaden Smith or Justin Bieber. Forgetting what I already had and not knowing there were people who also wanted to be like me. I realized this when I started tertiary studies. A lot of my acquaintances told me that I had no problem with my education. Being a lucky scholar and having all required resources provided by my parents. They wished to be in my shoes.

My Childhood life was good. I can't remember any time of hunger even if there was one. I had all I needed in surplus, clothing, shelter, and other social needs. We weren't rich enough to be flexible with money and we had some problems too but we had what we needed.

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But since I was lame and naive, I never appreciated this and wanted more. I desired the crown of a king, popularity and to receive applauds from the crowds.

I never knew I was having an awesome childhood, unlike some others with certain circumstances surrounding their upbringing. An example is the Late King of pop, Michael Jackson.

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In an interview, he(Michael Jackson) revealed, that on his way to a concert in LV, he saw himself on billboards and a few moments later, he saw some kids playing happily. At that point, he wished more than anything in the world to be among those kids. But I tell you, if I were one of those kids, I'd do anything to switch places with him, not knowing that I was having the best experience of my life.

If you've watched Barbie: Pop star Princess, then you'll know what I'm talking about. Two girls who wished they could switch places, one a pop star with total freedom in her life and the other a locked up princess. Eventually, their wish was fulfilled and they learned a lot and they loved it though. You can see the movie for more on this.

Rationally, there are no facts to prove any of the two is the better. It's dependent on personal emotions and feelings and my feeling then was that celebrity life is better for me.

Even if my mom usually told me "Never wish to be in someone's shoes because of their outward appearance, you don't know what's on the inside" I still had to wait for time and experience to teach this to me. Indeed time and experience are the best teachers combo. I suppose the actual problem is getting tired of having the same thing every day, but we should see past that.

Unless we know someone better and not just projections, we'll know what life really is to the person. Life isn't like social media. The social media is another name for utopia. No one has the time to share the bad things in his/her life to the world. You can't actually tell what's true or not-like you don't know if this my story is cooked up or a real one, even if I tell you its a true story.

Nevertheless, I'm glad I was able to realize that I lived a good childhood life. I was never locked up in a castle, neither did I ever have escorts following me everywhere. I had peace of mind and freedom.

Considering this, I ask that you Look at what you have today and appreciate it, no matter how difficult you feel things may be. You are always in a better condition than someone as long as you have life, and probably the best condition, if there is one rationally, maybe a wrong condition for you. Stick with what you have and see the good in it. Cheers!!

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It's always awesome when we reach that level of enlightenment that allows us to see that the grass may not be as green as we may have thought on the other side of the fence. Then, we may learn to appreciate what we've got, instead of complaining of things we lack.


Yeah it's awesome. Sometimes what we lack may even be bad for us.

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