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RE: The Science Behind Daddy Issues (by Someone Who Has It 😉😉)

in #psychology5 years ago

Ehhh, it makes sense in a wierd way, if you go along with the freudian ideas. Certainly it could be applied to many girls. I guess I sorta had issues with my dad? idk, I had a weird situation with my father and step father. There were issues, and although I do not like the term daddy in bdsm, I am into being a sub.

So like, do I have daddy issues? I dont think so. Maybe some underlying things, but it does not keep me from having healthy relationships> in fact, I am all about the healthy relationships, it is something I strive for. It is not always easy, but sure seems easier then what my parents are doing >.<


Haha maybe you have daddy issues in a non-typical way? Haha, issues are issues, labels are labels. Damn even a psychology major like me deals with conflict in these thoughts too haha. Thanks for sharing your story though :)

I think the human psyche is naturally contradictory, and it may be hard for science to be okay with that, since science likes one sided truth and facts. Fuck em labels tho!

Yeah tbh labels make it complicated haha

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