Come to Give, Not Take: The Power of Reciprocity

last year

With this mindset, I went from being a newbie to swimming with whales in a few weeks:

I'm not anyone special. I haven't founded any successful bitcoin companies, I don't have thousands of Youtube followers, nor do I have a widely-read newsletter. I'm just your average Jo...rdan who stumbled upon Steemit and was intrigued by the concept.

A couple of days after signing up, I went over to Amazon looking for a book about the site. I bought Steemit 101, written by Tom Janowicz @donkeypong, and devoured it immediately.

It was full of great information, but one section in the book stood out; it read:

“I would suggest anyone who’s looking to increase his influence and reputation to join the Slack channel of Steemit (replaced by Steemit Chat after publishing). Then create connections while following the best tip I’ve ever heard on how to get what you want:

If you can help enough people get what they want, you can get anything you want.

Don’t go on the Slack Channel to get but to give. Give as much of whatever people on the Slack channel needs and you will never be chasing after votes.”

I took that advice to heart, and the hunt was on for ways to do just that. The first opportunity that arose was a post from @ned. He asked for help writing the Steemit FAQ, and I volunteered to put it together. Many hours of work later, the final draft is nearly complete.

Another time, I replied to a thread about a potential Steemit improvement. One of Steemit’s largest whales responded to that comment, saying he thought the same thing for a long time. I had previously written a blog post on the topic that got lost in the Steemit abyss. After his comment, it occurred to me that someone of his clout would likely get traction posting it and therefore encourage action by Steemit developers. I told him he could repost it for this reason, no strings attached. Maybe it was because our visions aligned, or maybe it was because of this gesture, but this is how I started swimming with whales. (A.k.a. my first whale follower.)

Throughout the next couple weeks, I continuously offered help in instances where I could hopefully add value: commenting on posts, suggesting improvements, contributing to projects, answering questions, etc.

Even though I've only had time to write half a dozen blog posts since discovering Steemit a month ago, I managed to garner nearly 150 followers (5 of whom are whales.) All because I came to give, not take.

If you're a frustrated minnow who has been struggling to gain traction through simply writing blog posts, maybe it's time to consider a new approach? Consider asking what you can do for others and expect nothing in return. I think you'll be overwhelmed with the support you ultimately​ receive. The power of reciprocity is real - On Steemit and in real life.

You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.
~Zig Zigler

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Great post my friend.
That's the right attitude and thanks for sharing it.
STEEMIT 101 sounds like a great read, and good idea picking it up and reading it. I've done a lot of learning the hard way, but I've been learning.

Keep it up! Papa approves your message!


Thank you. Steemit 101 is a quick and easy read with tons of valuable information. A few minor things need updating due to the constant changes at Steemit, but I'd recommend it for sure!

Great sentiment :-). Excellent.

Helping others is always a great thing. Great job :)


I appreciated your work in the first step of compiling the FAQ. Your Q&As in Ned's post contributed a lot to the project!


I'm glad it was helpful :)

Good job @shenanigator! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and positivity. I am going to take that advice as well!


Glad to hear! I think the more people who take this advice, the stronger the Steemit community will become.

This is great, and I wish I could say I followed this advice as thoroughly as you have.

In other news, with the new voting power change coming in, my voting power article is about to go out of date and I'm going to have to post a revised version soon. Between that and a major real-life deadline that's coming in the next few weeks for me, I probably won't have time to write a curation rewards post for some time. You should talk to @burnin, he's been digging through the code for these issues and seems to have a pretty good handle on this stuff.


Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for the revised version and get ahold of @burnin.

Very nicely put together article; the next time someone asks me for help in Chat, I'm going to point them to this post first, you've laid out a nice blueprint here. :-)



Thanks, that means a lot to me.

“Give and it will be given to you in good measure, pressed down and overflowing, they shall cast into your lap. For with what measure you measure it will be measured to you.” Luke 6:38

Thank you for the recommendation!sounds like a good read!

I am always happy to help but don't have many talents. I am still working out what cryptocurrency and bitcoins are

  ·  last year

This is such an awesome attitude and very inspiring! Makes me think of one of my favorite quotes:

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it to anyone else. - Charles Dickens

If you ever need help (or content!), @shenanigator please let me know!

Like the 90s Free Radicals song says "you only what what you give" :-)

I love your post! I like how you have approached #steemit, and I am glad you are swimming with the whales. I think that also goes well with "you get what you give". You have given a lot and contributed, so you are getting compensated for that. I hope to do that in my own way by helping people save money and be aware of prices of items. I love being able to help people get deals and save money. I posted some deals in the past, but steemit has slowly gotten I hope with time it can help more people. Thank you for sharing your post!

What a fine post. I just came back to it, after bookmarking it one month ago.

I spent most of my first month on Steemit creating and posting various content, without getting much reward. I truly enjoy the content creation, but after one month, I realized that I should be doing more. More curating, more upvoting, more commenting, and more learning about what it takes to build a successful Steemit community – a community that breeds further success.

So, over the past few days, I've been throttling back my content-creation activities, and focusing more on upvoting and commenting. And upon re-reading this post, I realize that I can do so much more in terms of support.

Thanks for this post – twice! By taking the advice herein, I believe my next month will be as good as my first month, and maybe even better.

Great insight @shenanigator. Your honest post on helping others is what our world needs. Am a minnow with a dream to swim with the whales someday. Your post has assured me that its possible. Just so that steemians know that am available @earnafrica to help with anything possible, even while I immerse myself in learning and would not mind mentors like you guiding me on the path of growth.

Thank you for this insight ! Have a great day.

Oh this such a wonderful post and its exactly how we feel about everything we do as well as we are called the 'Helping Income Team' ;-)

We as a couple share talents in various spheres and are always willing to share it and provide it where it can come to use and be put to give out maximum results in return to the person who benefits.

In giving there is so much joy and it should be with with zero expectations which is very difficult in the current world but its not so difficult as half the time people are running after things and they never get them. So as opposite psychology suggests that you don't run after things and that includes money. What happens then is that it will turn around and come after you! LOL!!!

Yes, its easy said then done but it really works! So your post is such a joy to read and hard work pays and is appreciated as its all about providing value and you have done so which is why you have built a strong reputation.

Cheers & God Bless!
Nat & Nelly ;-)

world would be a so much better place if all would think alike

Am reading your post only now.... and fully agree with it. I have only been around for a month and I see a few Steemians whose posts I really like but do not get the attention they deserve in my eyes. I have therefore started to nominate certain posts to try and get them noticed by others and hopefully make those people grow. I believe in karma. If you do good, life will be good to you.
Thanks for this post

How to find out more about what you experience was and is on Steemit

Thanks for this
It really encouraging
Because in this life, the more you give is the more you earn

Very true, permit me to add this from the last sermon ♧
"A decision made despising or without the next person in view is no decision "......

Nice post! Thanks for that.

It reminds me of a quote one of my mentors in cryptocurrency investing recently said at an event I attended a couple of weeks ago, in Valley Forge, PA.

He said, "The world is for givers, not takers." (Horst Jicha)

It is encouraging to be around more people who feel this way.

Гарно сказано "прийшов щоб давати а не брати", такий шлях веде до успіху!

Thanks for the advices I am a newbie

Great post :)