Slipping into my biases. A formal apology.

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This is in no way an attempt to garner any ground with anyone. I have acted absurdly and wish to apologize to @Baah

Dear @Baah,
I know that this won't set right anything that I've said towards you; especially in the areas of calling out your integrity and your ethos. But I want to apologize for being antagonistic towards your replies. I set out to start discussions, and ended up entering a defensive state and thusly it spiraled into taking offense from your words.
Only after my moods calmed down did I realize that I'd been acting like a complete ass, and let the frustrations I hold towards myself then project upon your replies. It was way out of line for me to repeatedly call you disingenuous and to further antagonize you by questioning your ethical framework with the little information I'd been given.

Whatever happens next will be more self evaluation and self-reflections on my part to stop me from slipping into whatever implicit or explicit biases fill my conscious and subconscious regions.
Hopefully we can both move forward, and that I can grow a little more from this idiocy on my part.

And @lifeworship, I never intended to drag anyone else into whatever bullshittery I was doing, so this extends to you as well.


Even though I didn't ask for such a gesture, I realize now that I too have extended a certain amount of prejudice towards you, as I didn't expect an apology from you, or better from the type of person I pegged you as, and didn't think I'd be the one to send you for an introspective scuba diving.

I don't remember if I've extended any stereotypes to you outright, but I've implied it by saying that your linchpin is defending immorality, and I don't think this apology will make me change my mind about that remark as so far there's an ideological difference: I am a self declared anarchists, rational and unapologetic in that regard, and you have on numerous occasions defended the absurdity of the state and the immortality of delegating powers you don't have onto others. What I did say, was to call you an idiot, hypocrite and liar, and even though you acted like such, and gave reasons for that, that's not a overall characteristic, only a situational one, and I have my fair share of such situational characteristics. I wholeheartedly agree that such situations are a great primer for further soul searching.

Your gesture is both unexpected and appreciated.

In the end, I am you, you are me, and we are only as strong as the weakest one.

People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway.<3

Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable. Be honest and frank anyway. I know @baah fully respects you again. Rekindle your friendship at a stronger level now.

Not sure what the drama is about but it is always refreshing to see when someone can admit they are wrong. Good to see some level headed people left in the world.

He and I have disagreements on positions, and instead of responding with a proper contraposition, I acted the fool and got very defensive and started assuming things about him. It eventually just turned into me being a petty POS.