Law Of Attraction? Real or Fake?

in #psychology3 years ago

Have you ever heard of Law Of Attraction?

It's basically a belief that if you focus on something you really want to achieve, you're gonna achieve it. Sounds cool right?


But there is a catch. A lot of people tend to misuse it or don't understand it and then they blame it it for not working. Take some responsibility in your life and blame it on yourself for the first time, because the part you don't understand about Law Of Attraction is that it's more of a psychological thing.

How? Let me explain.

There is something called Selective Attention. Selective Attention is the only reason why something like law of attraction works.

Selective Attention subconsciously makes us do things that we SUBCONSCIOUSLY FOCUS ON.


And our subconscious mind focuses on things we consciously focus on :)

Did you get it? If not, reread it. This can change your life, it's not just another stupid article.

So what does this have to do with Law Of Attraction? It's simple instead of just wishing for something to happen, you need to FOCUS on it and WORK on it so it gets into the root of your subconscious mind. After that you will start SUBCONSCIOUSLY doing things that are good for you and benefit to your goal. If you believe you will not succeed in something your mind will start focusing on the part that you can't do it and if that gets into your subconscious, well, you're fucked.


I believe in the Law of attraction. Welcome to the community. I look forward to more of your quality work.

I was kinda surprised when I saw this post. Just few hours ago, I was selectively digging up articles and videos on YouTube on the law of attraction. I love to believe it works as there are times when I made something my strong point of focus and combining this with the power of visualization, trains you to subconsciously do things that will bring the results you desire. Nice post.

Love it.
I upvoted and followed you.

I don't know if that's selective focus or just a coincidence ahhaha, thank you @mikeblize!

I love to think it's selective focus.

It is my opinion that it works partially. I m not full in Oprah mode, but I believe if you want to be a success in life do what successful people do. Surround yourself with winners and usually you will start to win. I don't believe we can wish things into being. I believe focus, and setting goals we can do anything. Good post and I upvoted it. I love positive messagews and posts that make people think.

@democratsonly That's why I wrote this post. "Just believing" won't get you anywhere. Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks for the reply selfhelp. I upvoted your post again. Nice to meet you. I like a little deep thinking. Keeps my aging brain muscle working. i-upvoted-this.jpglogosteem.png

This post was very enlightening in this topic, thank you! I have already followed you to see more of your knowledge and I will also very soon be sharing my experiences :D

I believe in law of attraction

The question is what you are doing about it :D

If i want somebody to love me, i have to do that first. That's the simple thing of LOA

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