Punish your child psychosocial development

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Physical punishment hurts not only themselves, but also the parents and the whole family. The effects and risks

Since the imitation with its parental identification figures is one of the bases of learning during the preschool stage, its action is tending to participate with behaviors that observe, as in the toilet, in family values, hygiene, and in the game .

The discipline does not consist in punishments, but in an "inductive" model of making the child integrate the actions that are considered acceptable to society.

Effects on the child:

  • Paralyzes the child's initiative, blocking their behavior and limiting their ability to solve problems

*Excludes dialogue and reflection, hinders the ability to establish relationships between their behavior and the consequences

  • It makes them feel anger, resentment, and desire to get away from home.

They may have difficulties to integrate socially, that is, to make friends and play with other children

Annexed. HEALTH
1.-Why is the medical and behavioral assessment of the newborn important?
To detect irreversible deficiencies that can cause irreversible damage to the CNS and to know the state of the reflexes to know the integrity and predict a good psychomotor development.


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