Introduction to LIFE CYCLE

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What is your concept of the human development process? It is the study of the abilities and characteristics that the human being goes through to achieve its optimal development

What do you understand by life cycle? I understand a series of stages with special characteristics conferred on each, through which all human beings pass (from birth to death)

What factors do you think determine it? It is determined by so many biological, social and cultural factors, since these alter or put the ideal conditions for the human being to achieve their best development.

What are the study areas that comprise it? Physics, cognitive and psychosocial. Each one denotes inherent characteristics that interrelate and affect each other, that is, the development of a cognitive area allows a correct development in the psychosocial field.

What are the theorists, theories and basic postulates that you know have worked on aspects related to human development. I have studied the stages of development (mainly linked to its biological aspect and the development of neuromotor abilities), as well as Piaget's theory, postulates of Maslow, Rogers, Skinner, the theory and the phases of Freud's psychosexual development; and the sociocultural theory / perspective of Vygotsky

What are the methodological approaches used in the study of human development. A: are the studies on time, whether transverse or longitudinal, these methodological studies involve conducting experiments or case studies to understand and measure the association in terms of what is said the "average" of years in which events occur in the vital development of the human being.




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