The experiences of our past

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Our life is an accumulation of our memories. Some of these memories can be good and some may not be good. But even those experiences in our lives which are not very good, if we reflect back on them, we will always see that there has been some learning from it and from that experience we have had some kind of growth at a soul level. When we are in a difficult situation, we always feel why this is happening to me. Why do I have to go through this pain. There are times when we do not learn with the hard experiences of life and then we see that we are going in circles experiencing the same pain again and again. Here the mind is not able to let go the past, learn and move ahead and hence we keep attracting the same energy in to our life and going through similar situations again and again. The moment we learn our lesson, and move on from the past then we will see that our life paths will also change.


During the trek I had this experience, there was lots and lots of walking and climbing every day but I never felt tired of it. I was comfortable with that. But what worried me the most was the climate. I have never been able to bear cold, and I wanted to face my fears with that. The times when I felt stuck in the trek were all because of the climate. The more I feared I felt the more I had to face it and I was landing up in situations which made it worst. I was already dreading it from the beginning and that's where I got stuck again. And it made me realize that this is coming from my past which I am not able to breakthrough and move ahead. I did manage to complete but then there was a lot of struggle in dealing with the situation, and my mind kept plying tricks with me. In the past also I have had major issues dealing with cold climate and so did it happen this time as well.

I think the moment we get our mind in control the past will stop having control over us.

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Coming from Canada 🇨🇦 … I am ok with the Cold. I have a difficult time with extreme heat. 🥵


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