The Gut Is Very Likely The Major Cause for Most Psychological Disorders

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For the past 7-8 years I have been writing about the possible causes of what we know today as "Psychological Disorders". most people believe that depression and anxiety, the spine of almost all psychological distress stem primarily from some imbalance in the brain. For decades now, there was no direct evidence for this. Advances in gene investigation provides some further clues but with no clear path. Today, as the research piles up, seems like the major cause of psychological disorders stem from the gut. Societal changes contribute to a small extent to the expression of these symptoms (not disorders) but the gut gives us clear evidence in regards to why some people are more susceptible than others.

A recent research has identified the bacteria that are very likely to cause depression. Although there is no direct causation for now, the research gave out a clear outlook in regards to where we headed. The most interesting part of this research is the prevalence of specific gut bacteria related to depression regardless of psychiatric treatment. You heard it right. Whether people received psychiatric and psychological treatment, the gut bacteria persisted.

Now let's take a small deviation from this order to combine the clues we already know. Combining the result of this research with a previous one from 2017 were exercise changes definitively microbial composition of the gut and especially in regards to Coprococcus and Dialister as they are affected directly from SCFAs and we start to get some indications were the research is headed. I don't think it will be long until someone puts all these together and demonstrates how the physiology of the gut more or less controls mental health for the most part.

Even from an evolutionary point of view, our gut evolved first, long before our brain reached its current state. It will be logical to assume for now that the mind is the host of the gut. It controls most " checkpoints" in the bidirectional neurotransmitter and hormonal activity and for that there is absolutely no doubt.

If the body was an enterprise the gut would be the factory that creates the parts, assembles them and then packages them into a product. The brain is similar to the marketing and sales department were it has to push whatever it gets. The brain will ofcource provide occasional feedback to the factory but it can't brake or reinvent the production line all together because the product has long been set.

This paper explains the detail in regards to who comes first and who manages most of the control in the gut-brain relationship;

Here, we propose that the development of a complex gut microbiota in mammals has played an important role in enabling brain development, especially in terms of cognitive function and fundamental behavior patterns, such as facilitating social interaction and effectively dealing with environmental stressors.

It will become evident that psychiatric medication can offer contemporary relief whereas altering microbial composition (if possible) in the gut can provide a cure. And the most important breakthrough will be the side effects since current psychiatric medication causes an array of other health issues in their effort to mask the "psychological disease". The correlation in regards to how much they work for most people is to put it mildly "questionable". A facal transplant will show results almost immediately whereas psychiatric medication especially for depression might take from weeks to years. There is no way to tell if the medication worked or the body simply adapted or even overcame depression by itself. In other words, similar situation as with placebos.

Psychiatric drugs, especially for depression, ideally will then be classified lower in efficacy than a simple exercise regime or even probiotic treatments (which for now is not very effective due to the delivery system).

The pharmaceutical industry will have to change its dealer-based relationship with mental disease to a more cure-oriented.

This is all a matter of time. Kinda disappointing it took so long to advance this kind of research as the evidence was there all along. For now, I guarantee you that a sensible exercise regime along with the adoption of a pet and a balanced diet can make most of your psychological symptoms vanish in thin air. It demands some discipline but if you care about your health and not looking for some easy way out through a numbing pill or getting your balls busted by friends-on-payroll then try it out and see where it takes you.


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Somehow I miss this post of yours.
It really makes sense. We can easily see the connection between food culture and mental disorders. But the drug pushers will not accept this and couch sales would also drastically fell in the US and Ca.
And I suspect that maybe even all this gender mish-mash have the same cause.
Oh, although you not very active lately, congrats for the badge. I'll get the same one next week.

I don't think it will be long until someone puts all these together and demonstrates how the physiology of the gut more or less controls mental health for the most part.

Chinese medicine has done something (in my opinion) better that already for as long as 2000 yrs ago, at least.
The concept of "Shen" explains it: (the psychological Qi of organs and guts is managed by the heart not the brain.)[]
Therefore, in summary: trough Chinese herbology, among other practices they balance the qi of guts to achieve mental health.

Hey Nigel, hope you're doing well. If health is a passion of yours, there is some good work by the PhD Physicist Ray Peat. There's a deep rabbit hole, especially once you get into the topic of fats. Mono, Poly and Saturated do not behave equally in the body; some are estrogenic, some cause disease; some displace others, etc. PS: thank you for the book tip the other year, it helped me settle an issue I was facing after reading Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.

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