How Psychology Replaced Religion

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Psychology is not science but social engineering. It is the evolution of religion. Psychoanalysts have replaced priests to guide the masses into normality. What we call "disorder" is everything that deviates from what some arbitrary authority accepts as "average behavior".

People in our times have become so comfortable with their lifestyle that all they can contemplate is their own existence. Humans were never meant to sit on their asses and think about why and who they are.

Our bodies and minds are meant to be occupied by tasks of survival, moving around and doing menial tasks. We have sabotaged our own existence and we have invented religion, then philosophy and now psychology to deal with it.

Depression is not a disorder. It is a human function so that one can contemplate and snap off their current mode. It was meant to serve as a reboot for our system after an event such as death, disappointment or trauma. A reflection of the past for future wisdom.

Anxiety is also a normal physiological response meant to serve as a defense mechanism for certain events. An anticipation for the future so that we can prepare ourselves accordingly. This is why they go hand in hand in every psychological and religious book.

The issue is that our social evolution has taken a weird path. We are idle individuals that are fed a massive amount of stimuli and we are expected to reflect too much in the past (depression) and too much in the future (anxiety).

There are only few neurological abnormalities in the brain that exist in a very small percentage of the population and can cause actual psychological disease. What we have done with neuroscience is rather perverse. We have taken depression and anxiety and evolved an entire branch of psychological disorders, giving them such a wide spectrum that everyone, literally everyone suffers from something when they are not. The worst part is that we have also built a "healing" system that addresses it.

In other words, we have come full circle back to religion. We have accepted we are all sinners. That we suffer from something and we can get well if we accept that we are sinners. We are urged to get help from the modern priests of social engineering we call psychologists. Because, rest assured, they will also tell you that in order for you to heal is to first accept that you are sick and unfit for society and that you should work towards becoming one with the pack, the very thing that drove you to your own kind of insanity to begin with.

This is why very few get help from medication or psychotherapy. You can't get well from the very thing that is making you sick.

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Well put love the perspective. And it makes tons of sense

psychology is about what we think great to read it thank you kariacos

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I do not totally agree with the notion that psychology replaced religion. Why? Psychology truly has enlightened us more about how the human mind works within it's short period of existence.

But religions cater for other aspect of the human which include the spirit and body. Medical science is doing a pretty good job on the body, yet to this day... Nothing has totally eradicated religion by catering for the human spirit.

"Our bodies and minds are meant to be occupied by tasks of survival..."

Meant by whom? You're not getting religion on me are you? :-)




Welcome to kyriacos' Church of Evolution? May Evolution have mercy on our souls LoL

Psychology has never replaced religion. Psychology is only a self-conscious field of experimental study that began in 1879. Too small to replace religion.

you got very nice point about it.

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Very true psychology has substituted for religion as it is one part of the humanism movement for many. But it will never replace the eternal value of a Christ centered life. Religions may die but Christ has overcome death offers hope for all unlike psychology or humanism which may intellectualize it all. God can only be found in a child like faith not a PHD analysis. Thanks for sharing my friend.

oh well said :)

This makes some interesting points, but it is a bit of a misrepresentation of a few things. Psychology as it refers to the inner world of a person is a fact of existence and so exists with or without religion. In fact, you could make a cleaner argument that religion is a product of psychology. When you talk about the field, sure that can be argued, but it really only seeks to study this thing we all possess, and the approaches there can be criticized for sure, but to toss it all out is reductive. Modern Psychiatry (post-1950 or so) as a field is certainly something that is worthy of criticism, particularly around the DSM and drugs axis, but this doesn't make psychology less valid as a field or fact, and maybe depth psychology in particular. If you really want to make a case for something that replaced religion, the better target would be modern political ideology (since 20th century). The original sin and other comparisons fit far better there.

I thought L Ron did a good job.

I totally agree, it hurts that I can not give a resteem to this.