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Is 'power' mind-control?

It is difficult to establish a precise history of trauma-based mind-control, given that history itself is typically recorded and transmitted by the powerful themselves.

In ancient times, access to tools and materials that would stand the test of time — stone tablets and sealed papyrus — would have required a certain level of wealth and prestige to acquire and shape. Rulers also had the capacity to destroy vast reservoirs of knowledge: Consider the burning of the library at Alexandria.

Often, the Master Psychologists of our planet would also be writers, keepers (and destroyers) of the records.

Those in power record and reshape history

Naturally, you can see there is a bias in this arrangement: It means that those who exert their occult (hidden) control over a population also have the means to retroactively delete or reframe the means by which they do this. In other words: Those in power can write, and rewrite, history.

A new history

The advent of the Internet may be the first time that a record of events has been kept in a distributed, rather than centralized form. In this sense, we are entering a new phase of known history. Not one without its own risks of mind-control, but at least one with a range of voices.

This may be our best chance, since the burning of the library at Alexandria, to share and distribute knowledge rather than to occult (or ‘hide’) it.

History as mind-control

A good example of a historical narrative as mind-control is the version of the Second World War promulgated in Britain. It is still taught in many British Schools, for example, that WWII was a conflict between Germany and England. This prescribed interpretation ignores the more unsettling reality: That the British Crown and the Nazis were the same family.

The current British Queen and her family were pictured making Nazi salutes at the same time that Jewish oppression had begun in Germany:


Three of Prince Phillip’s sisters married high-ranking SS Officers. Here, Prince Phillip can be seen in family photographs while Nazis rally about him:


The reader is invited to do their own research into this subject, but with it, the harrowing truth may slowly emerge: That Master Psychologists have actively sought to divide humanity against itself by manufacturing false enemies that it then enlists us to fight.

The manufacture of an enemy serves the purpose of distracting us from the true seat of power: The occult groups.

Manufacturing an enemy also provides a pretext on which to slaughter many men and women of fighting age and stamina who might otherwise pose a threat to the interlocking power-structures that govern vast swathes of the planet.

Power designs its own enemies

Power’s creation of external enemies is, again, not an aberration of power, but its natural outcome: Power must create, identify, and name an external enemy and turn the people against it; in order that the people do not identify the activities of the powerful.

‘Royal’ Families and other wealth-hoarding enterprises are continually vulnerable to the awakening of their people to the abuses of hierarchy, and have therefore always sought to do one thing to maintain their power: To divide and rule.

Master Psychologists know, based on thousands of years of experience, that to divide human communities, they must confer power to one group in their governance, and not to another. This arrangement fractalizes and normalizes the larger power hierarchy.

In other words: A people are less likely to overthrow their rulers if they are also permitted a taste of this power and control.

For example, the British Crown has established an arrangement called a ‘Class System’.

Class systems as mind-control

A class system is one in which certain members of a society are given access to wealth and resources by the Crown, and others are not. This is similar to the caste system operating in India.

The purpose of arranging a society in such a way is that it begins to police itself, and ignore the larger power imbalance. The Master Psychologists in Britain know that they must portray those they call the ‘lower’ class as a constant threat to those they call the ‘middle’ class (The Stanford Prison experiment lays testament to the outcome of such arrangements).

Power does this through a process of vilification of those without resources: Painting them as a seeking to destroy and overwhelm the ‘middle’ classes with their demands for food, education and medical care.

Power requires an underclass

A lower-class or ‘caste’ is essential to those in power. Without the invention of this class, the Master Psychologists would have nobody to point at to to scare the middle-classes into compliance.

“Why should I work to enrich you?” the middle-classes might ask. “Well, because if you don’t you’ll end up like him,” replies the Master Psychologist, pointing at the lower-classes he withholds resources from.

Maintaining Power

Through their various media channels, the powerful have, for thousands of years now, depicted the low-resourced members of Earth’s societies as morally corrupt. It is essential for those who hoard resources to equate wealth with moral superiority. This is because the natural evidence of the situation is totally to the contrary. Without their constant obfuscation, the truth would stand self-evident: That hoarding wealth is plainly morally corrupt.

Holding hostage a communities resources and controlling that community from a central point for the purpose of maintaining power is plainly indefensible.

It is therefore necessary, and has been so for thousands of years, for the Master Psychologists to wage an ongoing propaganda campaign linking capital, power and virtue together.

By binding these qualities together, power structures disguise the truth of the situation: That on a spaceship such as Earth, one of finite resources, resources should be shared. This arrangement seems natural to a child, who is attuned to this awareness of being.

Engineered Divisions

Historically, it has been necessary for those who hold power to constantly fend-off any growing awareness in the population. If we view recorded history in this light, we see a theme emerging. History is largely the story of engineered divisions.

Those in power have designed a simple but effective solution to combat growing awareness: They create war.

Power requires war

When a power-system (a Royal Family, for example) hears news that their population is awakening to their control. They take action: Through a constant bombardment of marketing information, whether via the pulpit of a thousand years ago, or the press of today, the power system communicates that there is a new external threat to the ‘kingdom’: An enemy to be fought.

There are no strict rules as to the nature of the enemy that must be fought, only that it must distract from the Crown (or the other occult, or ‘hidden’ groups who currently wield power).

The enemy can be foreign or domestic. It can be Jewish people, it can be the Afghans, it can be the impoverished white male, it can be the black man, it can be women, it can be the feminine, it can be Europe, it can be Russia. The authors are aware than in using these identifying descriptors, we are also dancing in the grim ballet of The Master Psychologists, but we do so to draw your awareness to their potentially divisory labels, not to endorse them.

Master Psychologists know they must identify a group, paint them as the enemy, and then invite war. They have done this for thousands of years. A recent example is when they sought to divide people based on cutaneous melanin-density (skin color).

Marketing and Propoganda

Master Psychologists in America waged a propaganda campaign in which they kidnapped millions of those with high melanin density in their skin (black), and took them to America (a country recently genocided of its indigenous population) . The powerful then told the immigrants of low-melanin-density (‘white’) that they were superior to the high-melanin density (‘black’) immigrants.

The Master Psychologists then commanded these high-melanin density (black) ‘slaves’ to build the country. Those Master Psychologists then watched on as their land was tended for the lowest possible cost to them.

Of course, The Master Psychologists had a problem during this time in history (and all times in history) knowing, as they did, that the true divide was not racial, but was between those with resources and those from whom the resources were being withheld.

Conflict sustains power

In order to prevent an uprising against the Master Psychologists (the occult groups) it has always been historically necessary to provoke those with lowest access to resources to fight each other. Because in fighting each other; they do not fight power.

In other words: Those in power must turn the poor against each other. As a result, it is often the most recent immigrant group that is turned into the enemy of the previous one. Power seeks to identify the enemy of the people everywhere, but never inside its own castles and palaces.

Power creates sub-groups

This is another essential quality of power: Power seeks to create conflict among those it rules. In the case of America, power has long sought to create conflict between those it classes as ‘white’ and those it classes as ‘black’. Again, in the motif of this so called race-war we see the Master Psychologists’ own occult iconography writ large: The black and white chess board of the Freemasonic system.

The idea that I am black; and you are white. Or I am white; and you are black is one that has been used, in various metaphorical forms, to divide people for many lifetimes.

America’s Master Psychologists knew that it would be necessary to instil fear in the lower-melanin densities immigrants (white people), and convince them that the higher-melanin density immigrants (black people) were an invasive threat to their communities. The social group nominated as the ‘Black’ was then pitched against the social group nominated as the ‘White’. This chess game prevented the people from identifying those who set the game in motion.

Two recurring choices for these invented ‘black’ and ‘white’ subdivisions over the centuries have been: skin color and gender. These two perceived differences are the fondest tropes of those who seek to divide. As long as these two subsets can be identified and set against each other, the Master Psychologists’ work is done: They have distracted from the true seat of power.


Identifying and emphasizing very slight variances in human appearance saves the Master Psychologists from having to actively mark the nominated enemy as such. Actively marking the manufactured enemy can be time consuming for them, as was necessary at the beginning of WWII, for example.

Marking out the enemy

The Jewish people, being largely no different from any other humans, had to be actively marked by the power systems who sought to distract attention from themselves.

The Anglo-German Royal Family, via their marketing-departments (then called ‘propoganda’ departments) in the Nazi party, required that those nominated as ‘Jewish’ were to be ‘branded’ in special uniforms. This uniforming was necessary, otherwise the ruse would have been transparent: These were humans, like all of us on Earth. The differences were minor.

A threat to power

The wealth-hoarding Royal Families, in the period leading up to World War II, perceived an existential threat to their rule: The French Revolution had demonstrated to them that an awakened population could threaten the wealth-hoarders.

To the powerful, it seemed, from a position of fear and terror (one that the powerful must inevitably occupy), that it is either us or them.

In such a situation, power will always seek to create an alternative ‘us’ who the ‘them’ can be tricked into attacking. As we’ve established, the only rule is that the ‘us’ must not be seen to be The Crown (and other occult groups).

In other words: The people must be distracted from the roots of power.

This is the eternal conundrum of those in power: They must constantly commit violence to maintain their control, while simultaneously fearing that the people would destroy them if they truly awoke to what violence the powerful were committing.

Each violent act then becomes a platform from which to justify the next violent act. It is like a man who now has so many murder victims buried in his basement, that he has forgotten why he started killing in the first place and now kills only to prevent the discovery of all the bodies.

Because when he is discovered: the people will surely kill him.

In other words: Power lives in constant fear of being discovered.

Power lives in fear of being discovered

The Naked Emperor lives in terror of the child who stands out from the crowd, points, and says, “The Emperor has no clothes!”

It is in this state of fear that the powerful live, believing themselves to have control, while everything about them: Their fortified buildings; their armed guards; their television conglomerates and national borders suggest the complete opposite: That they live in complete terror of being discovered.

The powerful’s own history of violence, often stretching back many generations, is displayed about them on the palace walls: This grandfather who starved India; that cousin who was installed as Prime Minister and engineered Brexit.

All day long, a line of bewitched sycophants traipse through the ‘Royal’ palace, receive ‘honours’, and rally under the ‘prestige’ and ‘grace’ of this violent family, hoping it might confer some power to them too.

Yet, to the powerful themselves, these portraits haunt the lonely hallways. These portraits are a record of genocide, abuse and manipulation.

The loneliness of power

In the quiet moments of evening, we can imagine the British Queen, for example, making a slow walk of the palace corridors. From the walls, a horror-show of British Colonialism’s genocidal leaders peer back at her, their fearful eyes looking down at her own. She adjusts the crown on her canyoned face, tilts her head, and it is as if she can hear some of the paintings whisper. One of them, perhaps it is Churchill (who starved the Irish) says, “Let’s hope the people don’t wake up or this is not going to go well Ma’am.”

With a little shiver, she scuttles down the corridor and promptly informs her cousin, then Prime Minister David Cameron, that it would be a good idea to have a public vote on something; Yes, good, the most incendiary topic he can come up with. Europe, perhaps?

Quiet Revolution

The British Queen need not fear her beheading. Such violent revolution, as in France, was its own repetition of sorts and is no longer necessary.

Once a Royal Family, or other occult group, is truly overthrown, there is no need to actually kill them. In fact it would be boring and pointless.

Power structures are overthrown first in the mind, and then the external palaces that represent them collapse of their own accord.

The deeper objective of any true Revolution is to cut off the head of the king in our own minds. Then, the pantomime of the king outside our minds becomes transparent. We can see this already happening in America: The question is no longer which president to elect next; but the dawning realization that the presidency itself is absurd.

It is not that the president is absurd.
But that the presidency is absurd.

The American president, throughout history, has only ever served to prove to the population what it already knew to be: That true power hides and the president is a performance.

The President is a performance

The American president, for example, can do nothing; could even nominally shut down the entire government for weeks and go off to play golf — as President Trump has done — and almost everything goes on as usual.

If a government can be shut down and yet the power structures in that society continue to function, some difficult questions arise: Where is government if, when you apparently switch it off, nothing much changes?

Where is the government?

If the nominal ‘representatives of the people’ are entirely disposable in the infrastructure of a society — if they can be switched on and off without considerable effect — then power in that society must be seated elsewhere.

Imagine an electrician discovering that a lightbulb is still on in the house, despite the main power supply being switched off.

Like this electrician, we must conclude that the power in America is, therefore, coming from elsewhere: That something the electrician cannot see; and is not yet aware of, is powering the system.

So, what power-source illuminates the lightbulb of America? It should be the representatives of the people. But clearly it is not. All their nominal representatives can be switched on and off without any effect.

Click. Click. Click.

And yet the lightbulb keeps on burning.

Power as Performance

It is no accident that Hugo Boss designed the Nazi uniforms. The Second World War was (as all of the Master Psychologists’ Wars have been) at its heart a marketing (propaganda) exercise; a branding exercise; a fashion boardwalk gone rogue; its facile models armed with tailored-suits, machine guns and dangerous ideas of superiority.

Those in power have, throughout much of recent history, used their superior understanding of human psychology to manufacture divisions, and then force costumes on the opposing sides.

The Master Psychologists in America chose a route that saved the cost of manufacturing uniforms, and pointed, instead, at the uniforms some of their population were already wearing and could not take off: Their skin. And so began the Melanin-Density-Wars, or ‘race war’ as the occultists called it.

The Melanin Wars

That a global population could be turned against itself on such a minor matter as the prevailing expression of melanin in the skin is testament to our collective psychological vulnerability to manipulation by occultists.

In Germany, the Anglo-German Royal families had to go to the effort and expense of creating an enemy out of a people inherently so indistinguishable from each other that they had to be literally labelled in the street — the Jewish people were marked with stars.

The American Master Psychologists, however, spared themselves considerable expense by manufacturing the idea of ‘race’ and then dividing its almost wholly immigrant population on this basis.

The origin of evil

Hitler was, himself, a mind-control torture victim turned perpetrator.

As we now know from a close examination of his childhood biography, thanks to the work of Alice Miller, Hitler was relentlessly beaten by a state agent (his father) to the point where, as a young boy, he dissociated to all pain.

One harrowing account tells of Hitler’s father beating the young boy in a public space.

After the beating, the boy Adolf walked away quietly, and emotionlessly, simply stating the number of times he had now been brutalized: 1,617 perhaps. History does not record the exact number, and yet it should be history’s deepest concern: How many times was Hitler beaten as a child; by whom; and why?

What purpose did it then serve the wealthy landowners to coerce the adult ruins of this pliant, angry and broken child into his place as so-called ‘leader’? Who was behind him?

We will return to this topic later in this book, but suffice to say: The Master Psychologists do not want to distribute a historical record that questions the very foundations on which the Second World War was fought. Indeed they do not invite you to question the foundations on which all wars are fought. The Master Psychologists predicate their wars on a staggeringly bizarre basis: That war will bring peace.

Once a people have accepted this fantasy; the rest is pantomime.

It is a difficult step to take, but one that we feel the reader is now ready to make at this point: We invite you to consider that much of what we call ‘written history’ is mind-control.

Most of recorded history is a state-sanctioned narrative constructed by the powerful to conceal their crimes.

Power writes history to preserve itself

It is difficult to accept that the purpose of government in America, and elsewhere, has often not been to prevent conflict or to solve problems but, instead, to create conflicts and to then to manage them in the interest of preserving power. The records of these conflicts are then massaged into a narrative that conceals, or ‘occults’ the truth.

Each nominal ‘conflict’ is controlled by interlocking families with shared members and interests. Indeed, this is plainly true to even the most adamant sceptic: For, what is a global human society other than a series of interlocking families?

The so-called ‘conspiracist’ is often pointing out a scientific certainty: that everything is connected.

For example, an Anglo-German Royal Family co-orchestrated the Second World War, and is subsequently known to have sought to destroy letters that document their participation. This is not the first time such a deception has occurred.

Is all modern history mind-control?

In a global community such as Earth’s, all enemies are presumably domestic (meaning of terrestrial, or Earth, origin) and none are actually foreign. If this premise is true, then all war on Earth is civil war; a war in which we are turned against ourselves.

In this respect, most popular history is told from a blinkered vantage point: one that fails to perceive our interconnected nature, and fails to include the occult (hidden) powers that shape our reality and turn us on each other. History tends to focus on battles themselves rather than the psychological engineering that must first be undertaken to make war seem reasonable.

As we shall discover in the next chapter, war is difficult to sell and must be marketed (propagandized) at great expense, using the full apparatus of the occultists’ capacity for mind-control. War is the occultist’s core tool for trauma-based mind-control, as it has the capacity to effect the largest number of people in the shortest space of time.

War also provides a cover for further investigation of ways to manipulate the human biocomputer and to develop new programming methods.

The second world war, for example, provided a grotesque playground where state occultists could experiment on live human subjects with no ethical oversight. Many of the Nazi concentration camps were operational centres where Master Psychologists undertook human experimentation that would evolve into the MK-Ultra program in America. These experiments would come to form much of the mind-control engineering of our so-called ‘modern age’.

A new history

History, as many of us have been told it, is a narrative designed to occult (or ‘hide’) the truth of power’s manipulations. A more honest, factual history would also include Her-story and Their-story*.

Some of our most significant wars — for example, the various attacks on wise and intelligent women branded ‘witches’ — occupy footnotes in most History books, but had far greater impact on our modern world than almost any other conflicts.

Ultimately, as a species, we are working from His Story towards Our Story — in other words, a record of events on Earth told from multiple perspectives, not merely the perspective of the dominant power-structures.

Erasing History

We have established that a true account of events is often occulted (‘hidden’) by power. The history of mind-control is, therefore, mired in a problem: Those who sought to control us also controlled much of recorded history.


The majority of the records concerning MK-Ultra have been destroyed, and the Anglo-German Royal Family have destroyed many of the letters sent between themselves leading up to the Second World War. So we see: There is a problem of record-keeping regarding occult activities.

It’s not called occult for nothing.

There is a problem of history inherent in the occult.

The Master Psychologists have essentially sought to destroy history, and so the ‘history' of mind-control, and the occultists, is precisely its destruction of a record of events: An attempt to erase history.

Just as an abusive parent seeks to erase the child’s memory of these abuses as an adult, the occultists seek to erase our memory of what they did to us collectively and trans-generationally.

However, the Master Psychologists toolkit is now in the open for all to see, and we will describe exactly how these occult groups program humans in Chapter 2 of this book.

We hope that you can use the information in the next chapter to deprogram yourself and become sovereign of your own biocomputer.

Self-Programming is essential self-care in our times and is our best defence against mind-control.

The next chapter

Chapter two is called Methods and Practices and explores the ways in which we are commonly programmed. You can read it on Steemit here

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If you are reading this sometime in the distant future, please be aware that this is a draft chapter section from the book Secret Doors, Hidden Rooms: Understanding and Deprogramming Trauma-Based Mind-Control systems which may now be available as a complete and finished book. It will contain much more detail and an updated text. Try searching for it online.


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