The Degrading Institution Of Human Interaction; Which Level Of Development In The Human System Has Failed?

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I use to tell my friends that I preferred being younger and the youthful experience and exuberance that comes with it and they felt that I hated growth and development but this wasn't true, truth is that sometimes I look at the course of the supposed change to the human attitude and character and it's seems to be in it's redundant stage despite the evolution we're constantly experiencing as people, we're now lacking in constant and physical communication, we no longer value the importance of body language, eye contact and a whole lot of physical attribute to interaction and communication Which was really different from the early 2000 and late 90s in totality. The world is evolving and it now seems science and technology deem it worthy to help people interact better when in essence interaction without the physical attribute is really not full fledge interaction.

I was making a direct comparison especially way back to when I was 15 years or less to now. Back then I had friends who were ready to hang out over a drink and we had things like Boys Club Association as well as age grade, peer group which basically made it easier for even people who consider themselves introvert to learn the basic skills of societal acceptable behavior and communication. However nowadays it is so haphazard the way people use sentences the way they construct speeches and even the awkward way through which a male counterpart approaches a lady it all seems to be so maddening and over hyped and when you consider this malady it makes a huge difference to how people used to interact back in the days and this wasn't the fact that I hate growth it was the fact that I hate the place we are growing into as people in our generalised society.

I won't lie to you; things like Facebook has done more harm to the human development both psychologically and mentally. Virtual communication now truncates physically communication and that is why sometimes you might even meet someone who you are virtual friends with online and they may not even know who you are. I added a cousin of mine on Facebook, this was a particular cousin who I haven't met in close to 15 years and the first thing he did was to ask who I was and who were the mutual on-line friends we had together. Can you imagine? the truth was that he didn't take time to check out my pictures to see if we had met or if I knew him and this is an overwhelming proof that people hardly make connections online that stays with them for a long time. The reason for this is because there is nothing like deep connection when it comes to virtual communication the only thing you find is a craving to want to belong or have a purpose or being loved or just fill up a void of inferiority in our normal daily lives.

Truth is, people no longer deem it necessary to tackle their issues anymore because they see something so ephemeral to take solace in. When we seem to see shortcuts we no longer bother to check out the dividends of the taking the long way it's a mature in built in human. I can't tell you I have achieved anything by being in places where people supposedly register with their private information in order to get to to know each other better. It is always about lies and many more lies in order to impress and keep up with the constant expectation of the overwhelming population Which are in your cabal so with that said you keep trying to impress people you don't even know in order to keep up with the sophisticated lifestyle which isn't even synonymous to you in reality is laughable and the biggest of paradox.

I've seen people cultivate and display queer attitudes that seems exactly disappointing and I'm wondering the institution that should help them with this that have obviously failed. In truth there's no alarm as to this and I wonder if people really aren't concerned about the degrading style to which people now interact amongst themselves. This is killing and it's equally disturbing that we aren't noticing this. The human management is something that's over hyped in my opinion and this is evident. The truth is we are all being affected at least to some extent sometimes I noticed the people who I went to High school with and how we used to be so close in the past and how we now see each other nowadays and pass without even getting to say hi or even getting to find a way to contact and have fun and reminisce the old times even when they do they're so reluctant to stay for a face to face instead they want to get your Facebook username so that they could follow up add you as a friend and then you'll become a ghost in their numerous timeline. This is degrading, I'm susceptible to errors and I'll prefer if I'm proven wrong.

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