A Sudden Decision To Develop "Lone Syndrome" Are You Or People To Be Blamed For this?

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It's normal sometimes to be so invested in someone and time becomes the only reason why you lose interest. The truth is that in life we always want people to give us a reason to hang in with them and when this reason seems to be absent, you find yourself gradually reclining without even the knowledge as to why this is so. Like it or not human thrives on interdependence and when dependence doesn't seem mutual it becomes much of a burden and a certain gauge of imbalance is created and believe me, at on time in life we're Often forced to dissociate from these kinds of relationships and it's only time that brings this realization to the surface and that's why sometimes the other parties often wonder why we're no longer thrilled by their entity or personality. Truth is, the cycle isn't really complicated. We meet people to get attached, get tired, and they move on or we move on and the time spent during these period we got to meet these people become a sort of a lesson inculcated or learnt

That said, sometimes the reason we become distant with some people is the lack of flow, we're Often stuck in things like communication, understanding, not clearly seeing gestures, attitude and a whole lot of other human reaction. And sometimes we hold deep sentiment towards people and the fact that they couldn't replicate or share these feeling makes us feel betrayed a little bit disappointed so much that we resort to distance coupled with time in other to get this people off our life and mind as well. Without a doubt it resonates so physically that people becomes aware of our this and wonder why the drastic change. Inasmuch as we're Very fragile creature, the truth is that we thrive based on the love that's being shown to us, when we leave home in the morning, kissed on the cheek by the person or people whose love simultaneously tallies with ours, the day is always better, not that anything has changed, but psychology we've been unburdened.

In almost every sphere of life, we often underestimate the effect of love, sometimes we see two people, one seems well mannered, cultivated and decent while the other is, edgy has a lot of dissociative behavior and sulks at everything. The difference is love. You see Sometimes we get desperate in seeking for acceptance we want to stop lying about who we are or stop keeping up sorrowful thoughts crawling inside of us but alas it's the people we're becoming after such painful inner emotional clash that begins to define your every action. In earnest we begin to cultivate the habit of having lone syndrome and this obviously manifests in every statement and every action by a person. No one understands an individual better than they do and in truth sometimes we want people to accept, love and care for us just like we'd ourselves but this will never be possible.

Take a case scenario; if a person decides to start avoiding you or finds to reason to maintain an ongoing relationship with you, don't ask what's wrong with the person, ask what's wrong with you. It's obviously normal that we would defend our every action and even hate people for not defending us as well, but out of 100% times where you don't understand the reason for a person's decidal to stay away despite how close you might be, you're 60% the problem and the best thing would be to start working on yourself rather than feeling you're the best in the world and they've made a mistake by benching you. The truth is pride keeps us blind to the most open truth and sometimes I let people slip away and if they never found their way back, then it's the ultimate test of how unreal people can be.

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Often , it could be the sole decision of the other to so be without extraneous prompting whatsoever!

But it is necessary that we introspect why it happens and strive to make amend if necessary instead of casting the blame on the "offender".

But it is necessary that we introspect why it happens and strive to make amend if necessary instead of casting the blame on the "offender".

Well that you're right about, thanks a lot for reading