Kill the FOMO

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Kill the FOMO

In case you’re not familiar with this youngster way of writing, FOMO means Fear of Missing Out and one thing is sure that you experienced it multiple times in your life. You know what I mean, just not being able to do something for whatever reason or to be somewhere where your acquaintances are having a good time, regardless of what that means for you.

If you want to have success, you will have to work a lot more than anybody else; thus you will miss out on a lot of events so if you want to stay sane, you will have to kill that FOMO.

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Real Life FOMO

As I said above, you all experienced this kind of fear, and it’s often hard to manage it because of course, you want to go out and have fun, to experience new stuff and meet new people. Such opportunities seem very appealing, at least on the short run, you want them, and if you can’t get them, if you can’t be there, you will feel like you’re missing out.

But, it would be great if the only FOMO you would ever experience would be created because you can’t attend an event your friends are attending, but in our rotten society, the situation is way worse. All the technology we have helps us tremendously to find new information, connect with our loved ones and even make money but as Chamath Palihapitiya, former vice-president for user growth at Facebook, said before, it also destroys the fabric of our society.


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With all these social media apps like Facebook and Instagram that are feeding you non-stop bullshit FOMO is created at all times. People are only posting the most perfect pictures of themselves and their friends, mostly at fancy events, looking as they have a great time and you’re just staying at home, watching their perfect lives through a phone. But truth to be told they are just as miserable and bored as you are, if not even more. Because their lives seem perfect not just that they will create you FOMO but they will also make you feel bad about your shitty life when in fact they are just fooling you since they are just like you.

The social media is one of the top causes of depression and FOMO in the world, and you have to kill it, right now. Yeah, you may not want to delete your accounts, I haven’t done that either because I still keep them to stay in touch with my friends, but you may want to consider disabling your feed. Staying away from social media takes plenty of will, but it’s a lot easier when there’s nothing to be seen.


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No tool can directly disable your feed, but you can go and unfollow all of your online friends, so their posts don’t appear in your feed anymore. Not just that you will save up more time, but you will also get rid of that FOMO and maybe even that sadness you’re sometimes feeling.

Now, about that FOMO you feel when your friends are out without you, you will just have to deal with it and move on with your life. Because in fact, if you’re living the life you desire, if you’re doing something you love, there’s nothing you can miss out on even if you miss a party or whatever.

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Regardless of your intentions, you will have to kill that FOMO before it kills you, slowly, from the inside. Is it going to be easy? Probably not, nothing is easy in this world, but it is sure as hell worth it. If you want full focus and to live a freer life you will have to ditch it and if you’re doing it now, a couple of weeks-months from now you will probably not thank me but thank yourself for taking action because it’s truly life-changing.


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Like anything, it takes practice, so the best way to do it is by starting now. Today, not tomorrow because tomorrow turns into another tomorrow and so on until months from now on you’re still in the same shitty place and, stagnation is death.

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I like your idea of unfollowing everyone on facebook. Seems like a good compromise instead of just deleting my account; which I cannot quite bring myself to do..

Dang, you really tackled my problems. Great article! There are countless time I missed some events, I wanted to travel as everyone does in holiday, and yes, it made me depressed. Ughhh

You got a 100.00% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @guyfawkes4-20!

cannot agree more. one necessary thing we must all do is realize that each person can absorb very little. whatever we absorb is suited to our tastes and personality. if we try to view/read everything, then we are doing the body a great disservice.

it is just like eating food, we cannot possibly eat everything. in fact we can eat only things that can be digested by us.

if you cannot eliminate FOMO, atleast limit it to what works for you

Lasa pe maine ce poti face astazi ca poate poimaine nu va mai trebui facut :)