What is Anarchism? - Parte 1 - Philosophical Introduction

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The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism and Decentralism
What is Anarchism? - Parte 1 - Philosophical Introduction

"Anarchy is a realizable utopia, we can build every day." - charlie77pt

1 - Introduction

Anarchy comes from the ancient Greek ἀναρχία (anarchia), meaning "without leaders or rulers."
Anarchy, anarchism, anarchist means human coordination in equal grounds, without dominance and conformism, by cooperation without coercion and with horizontal and small structures in the organizations, ideally and in practice.
“Liberty consists in doing what one desires” – John Stuart Mill
"Each person working for One" is the most difficult concept and human value to accept, because it transcends the social-economic binomial of "usage value and exchange value" and must be replaced by humanistic goals as the perfect ideal to a flourishing humanity.

The concentration of power in the States, as the only fountain for the fight for survival, and it is inversely proportional to the the individual's psychological drive to rely on communities as a support for a more wealthy life.
The big question is if anarchism can be used today in practical terms, based on empirical and an ideological diversity of theories and authors.

The biggest obstacle to the implementation of anarchism is limited by its own principles of unorganized leadership that tends to dissolve its permanence in time. Anarchist theories and proposals for solutions are normally considered lunatic, impractical and a non-realizable utopia for the current modern world, of course from the point of view and invisible powers of the centralized web of influence over people's destinies.
"For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others." - Nelson Mandela

2 - Anarchy and Reality

"Anarchy is Order." - Pierre Joseph Proudhon - the first self-proclaimed anarchist.
Anarchism and decentralization are the only solutions for the chaos and disorder of centralized systems.
People or groups that refuse to behave normally or fight against the moral standards of society, were (and are) considered subversive, "anarchist", terrorist or "mad-men" and possibly can finish by falling in the dark well of the Law, Psychiatry, and Psychology, as the "Police" of abnormal deviant behaviors disrupting or chanllenging "Social Order".

Anarchy is defined in the balance of three fundamental human values:
Autonomy, Responsibility, and Liberty as the pillars of living with ourselves and the community.

Anarchist theories seem to have common points of focus in the change of ecological relationship with nature, based in decentralization, community, and individual autonomy, with personal responsibility.
Anarchists see the total participation of the citizens as the stakeholders to create a flourishing equilibrated society, instead of the chaotic one generated by the actual concentration of power as the main cause of social unbalances.
Anarchists agree that big organization, the concentration of power, and the moral and centralized constraints are the obstacles to an individual freedom of choice and action.

Most anarchists agree that we have the right to defend ourselves even violently when we are attacked or harmed, and that a free society would be better psychologically and collectively and would facilitate the global reasoning to solve actual environmental problems.
Anarchism can be involved in the change of the signs of our times, as an utopian message of a future reality that cames true.
Let's all participate.!!!

I'm not going to make this post longer because I need to leave here a very long and interesting quote of Aldous Huxley, surprisingly in 60's, but it is a mirror of the actual state of Things.

"Rapid and accelerating population increase that will nullify the best efforts of underdeveloped societies to better their lot and will keep two-thirds of the human race in a condition of misery in anarchy or of misery under dictatorship, and the intensive preparations for a new kind of war that, if it breaks out, may bring irretrievable ruin to the one-third of the human race now living prosperously in highly industrialized societies - these are the two main threats to democracy now confronting us. Can these threats be eliminated? Or, if not eliminated, at least reduced?
My own view is that only by shifting our collective attention from the merely political to the basic biological aspects of the human situation can we hope to mitigate and shorten the time of troubles into which, it would seem, we are now moving. We cannot do without politics; but we can no longer afford to indulge in bad, unrealistic politics.
To work for the survival of the species as a whole and for the actualization in the greatest possible number of individual men and women of their potentialities for goodwill, intelligence, and creativity - this, in the world of today, is good, realistic politics.
To cultivate the religion of idolatrous nationalism, to subordinate the interests of the species and its individual members to the interests of a single national state and its ruling minority - in the context of the population explosion, missiles, and atomic warheads, this is bad and thoroughly unrealistic politics. Unfortunately, it is too bad and unrealistic politics that our rulers are now committed."
- Aldous Huxley
To read this fantastic essay follow this link: Aldous Huxley - 1962 - Politics of Ecology : Aldous Huxley :

We never see the press showing good reviews of anarchism, but only campaigns about destructive fanatics, subversion, terrorism, and extremism.
The example media use to point an anarchist regime is the political chaos the civilized world created in Somália, to confuse chaos and "gangstery" with anarchy.

People must protect their autonomy and fight for liberty, social trust, solidarity, and find people to share our ideas and join the struggle.
We don't need big corporations, large federations, state bureaucracy compliance and surveillance for control.
Anarchy can work!...
In the next post, we will keep on talking about the concepts and theories of Anarchism, followed by an analysis of the types of Anarchism.
“Anarchism is democracy taken seriously.” ― Edward Abbey

The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism and Decentralism.
Published Posts:

Introduction to the Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism and Decentralism

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Rothbard, Murray N., The Ethics of Liberty (1982)
Rothbard, Murray N., For a New Liberty The Libertarian Manifesto Revised Edition
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Teodor Oizerman was Russian contemporary philosopher (May 14, 1914, Petrovirivka, Ukraine Died: March 25, 2017, Moscow, Russia)

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Post Resteemed

Thanks a lot.

Cool topic worth to be written on extensively!

I clearly see that in 3D centralization, everything is turned upside down as to cause and effect. The cause is always searched outside of us, never within, while we always put ourselves at the effect, instead of seeing that the outside is at the effect.

Yet in 5D, WE are the cause, and the outside is the effect.

In terms of shifting from centralization to decentralization, 3D consciousness will ascribe the consequent chaos during the process of shifting to the looming failure of the new, while in 5D consciousness we see that the chaos is merely exposing the failure of the old. Old Centralization, not new Decentralization, is the cause, chaos the effect.

We will see how many parts you end up writing this time! :)

We make sense out of Life.
Life has no sense and there is no purpose for living.
The most difficult concept to understand since we are born is that action precedes thought and not the other way round.
It's in our actions and will that we try to make sense of the world.
Like Schopenhauer said the World is just a representation of our own will, meaning the more you know yourself (consciously and subconsciously scratching) the more the events of reality surrounding seems to be a product of your control(will exercise) over Reality.
I, my consciousness and my experience are invisible to you and your self, consciousness, and experience are invisible to me, you can only experience my behavior in your conscious and experience as I can only experience your behavior in my conscious, in an eternal loop of mutual incapacity to share our experiences.
Decentralization of the mind is made in self-awareness and self-analysis making the weak inside overcome the strong outside.
On the path of knowing myself, I found out a purpose for life as my inner illusion of dedicating myself to the seventh level of consciousness after self-recognition, that is beyond serving yourself, - you jump to serve the others and our mother Earth and our father, the Cosmos.
Fight for individual and collective freedom may be a nonsense to make sense out of the meaning of like.
Finish this travel of rational thought is almost irrationality words for the comprehension of poetic and sensitive souls.:)

Perfectly said! I too always emphasize that life and Light has no meaning itself, WE give it meaning ;)

Very good article charlie
An anarchist person is one who does not want to be oppressed but who does not want to be an oppressor and who seeks maximum welfare, maximum freedom and maximum development possible for all human beings, so that their ideas have their origin in love, respect and the sympathy. In short, an anarchist is one who seeks the good of all (society) over his own.

Anarchists can be the new agents of change for decentralization, will be to assist the communities to explore their common goals, to overcome obstacles, to create new values, attitudes, and behaviors through the processes of identification and internalization of community members.
Anarchy is possible in the blockchain as a great example of horizontal individualists that can facilitate change for a total decentralized society.
"Vive l'anarchie".

I understand, but here in Steemit there are few who think about helping the community, most of them just think about "themselves" and how to exploit the system.
If at least 50% of users "were" anarchists and aware that an anarchy community is a cost-effective solution, this ecosystem "was" the best place in the world to work, only a few communities help each other.

** "anarchy community is a cost-effective solution"**
That's a hundred percent shot.
But it's a very difficult act of consciousness with hard work to be achieved and most of the people are still blindfolded by a false-self of short-term happiness of materiality the and a selfish cult of living in a world without the joy of solidarity and collective cooperation based in human values.
I'm leaving here a comment I made about this problem

"Any short-term economic activity that doesn't take into account the Vision of the system is doomed in the long run. The Vision is the creation of quality content, not quantitative but in the last instance is the awareness and actions of the community. The denial of the Vision is the destruction of our Mission as a social community of citizen journalists that can attract users coming for money by contributing for wealthier and sustainable Steemian Planet. We don't want a desert drifting planet in cyberspace inhabited by bots oriented for fast profit generation." - charlie777pt

strong technical word for a comment but there are many that use bots with 2 intensions 1) there are some that use bots to be seen 2) others use it to get big profits to the system in reward.
Many call this action strategy.. recently @krnel told me that the one that used bots is cheating the system and is cheating.

Thank you for writing on anarchism! I've just started posting, but this is the direction I'm hoping to head as well. While I appreciate Bakunin (mentioned in a previous post of yours), I'm much more enchanted by Kropotkin, but I will certainly have entries forthcoming about both of them!

In solidarity,

Thanks a lot for your comment.
Every drop of anarchist, existentialist, and decentralism content is feeding the sea of universal consciousness for the liberation of the human condition and feed the realizable utopia of a free world.
Welcome and hope you light the fire of anarchism on Steemit. Success!!

Anarchy is the bad effect for one country development...
#resteem done

looking forward to the rest of the series