Is there such a thing as an absolute (universal) truth?

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I used to be a very black & white type of person. Things were good or bad, wrong or right,.... Grey didn't exist. It was all just 50 shades of black & white.

It's only since recently, when looking a bit into Quantum Physics, that I started to question absolutes and see things differently. After all, if our universe (and yes that includes us!) is made out of building blocks that behave probabilistic, and even time and space don't even objectively exist, then maybe I should not stick to such a deterministic way of going about things, right?

I realized things are just how they are, as a result of things that happened before and everything is interconnected. On top of that, it's impossible to know whether our experience of reality is a simulation, a dream or even a hallucination!

Somehow these realizations helped me to stop labeling people, seeing things from different perspectives and it led to me questioning everything!

I even started questioning all the social conditioning I went through growing up and ended up letting go of many empty expectations that resulted out of this, which was quite liberating!

No worries I didn't turn into a robot! I regularly have moments where I catch myself leaning towards absolutes again, but being aware about this already goes a long way. Viva mindfulness & meditation!

Looking back I think it's quite interesting how thinking in absolutes created this false sense of control, how it resulted in a lot of misconceptions and how it used to turn me into this sad and unhappy person always pointing fingers to others....

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while i do not believe in absolutes in the natural world.. I can see where in civilization absolutes are necessary. The first and formost place i see a need for absolutes, is in LAW, CRIME and PUNISHMENT. Without absolutes in this area you allow for interpretations of law... and that is a tool used by attorneys to manipulate the laws to determine the outcome of a case. This can lead to injustices being created all because a law was allowed to be interpreted in such a way that a guilty individual, or entity be aquitted... .The only other place i can think of in which deals in absolutes is Mathematics.. try as we may, there simply just isn't a way to make 2+2=3....

are you absolutely sure?