Conor McGregor: A Study In The Art Of Manifestation

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With the upcoming boxing match between Floyd Mayweather, boxing’s perennial champion who’s gone undefeated for his whole professional career spanning 21 years, and Conor McGregor, a UFC mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who has recently been crowned champion of 2 weight divisions consecutively and is the highest grossing fighter in his sport, we get a chance to study someone who has truly mastered the art of making his dreams come true.

*Video curtesy of Mixed Matial Arts News

Connor McGregor has been talking about how he was going to dominate in MMA the UFC since he was an unknown upstart fighting in small halls in Ireland and Europe, about becoming the first to hold 2 belts in the UFC at one time. He has been talking about rousing Mayweather out of retirement for a boxing match, something most thought was an impossibility for an untested-in-professional-boxing fighter such as him. Most experts laugh at Connor’s proclamations, until they start to see them come true before their eyes.

So what’s his secret? What makes this man, who calls himself, “Mystic Mac,” so accurate in his predictions? Who has on multiple occasions told journalists not just how he would win, but named the round it would happen. How does a man go from being on welfare and relative obscurity, to four years later becoming a multi multi millionaire, and putting himself in line to make 100 million dollars plus in one night? To getting to step in the ring with the king of boxing, and possibly shocking the world again with another impossible outcome? The secret is Conor’s mastery of the fundamentals of manifestation, which he openly admits. So here they are:

Step 1. Decision

The first step in creating something that we wish for is deciding that we want it. This is usually something simple that we totally believe is possible like deciding to eat Italian food. We know we can do it. We know where we usually go for Italian. And we totally believe we can do it. The “bigger” things like meeting the love of your life or becoming the best fighter in the world seem out of range for many people, and therefor they will never make the decisions necessary to get those things. Are they truly impossible for us, or is our lack of belief in their possibility the thing that keeps us from taking that first crucial step?

Step 2. Invocation/Visualization “I see it in my head, and then it happens”

The next step is about putting mental and emotional energy towards our decision. As Connor says, “This is the law of attraction… When things are going good, when you visualize these good things happening, you know that’s easy. What’s not easy to do, is when things are going bad, and you’re visualizing the good stuff. And that’s what I was able to do… Even though I was having these troubles at home, even though I had no real job or whatever… I still was able to feel like it was. I still was able to go into a different.. just like a kid would use his imagination. I was basically just using my imagination… Driving in my girlfriends car, when it’s shaking down the road. And I swear to God sitting in traffic and all… I’m visualizing a brand new car, I was visualizing good things in times of struggle. And that, when you can do that, I think that really makes that law of attraction work. I think it really attracts things more. Cause that’s harder to do, when you’re in the struggle, to visualize these things.”

Later, as he says, ““What world do you wanna be in? I don’t want anything. I AM. I am everything I want to be and I’m already there. I don’t want to be anything, you know… People say “I want this. One day I wanna do this, I wanna do that…”” They’re always going to want because that’s the vibe they’re putting out. I always have the attitude that I have… That’s the mindset that I have, that I have everything.” “You have a clear picture in your head.. of something that’s going to happen and a clear belief in that it will happen no matter what, then nothing can stop it, that’s what happened.” In Connor’s words, he has for many years been obsessed with his goals, of becoming a world champion. Of giving back to the people that gave to him, like his girlfriend Dee or his parents. He used his imagination to conjure images of better times, and truly believed in them. This kind of conjuring can take different forms. It’s the speaking of our goals, it’s writing them down, it’s the picturing and the feeling of a goal that you can believe in, and really believing in it.

Step 3. Physical Action “It’s there for the taking, if I put the time in.”

“I back it up with work ethic. I back it up with hours in the gym. I never take a moment off.”
His girlfriend Dee talks about waking up and seeing Conor shadow boxing in the dark in the wee hours of the morning. He puts in the hours and effort that he knows will secure his vision into reality. If you are unwilling to put in the effort it takes to create the thing you want, it may be time to ask yourself if you really want it? He loves putting in the work for his goals. He revels in it. And it shows in his attitude to his craft. In his gratitude for his surroundings and for the little things. He turns away from bitterness and negativity and believes that that’s why he’s at the place he’s at. And who can deny his ability to create his dreams? The work is not work for him, because he’s doing what he loves, and because his vision is set on a dream that every drop of blood and sweat brings closer to reality. So his decision and vision is transmuted into focused and joyful effort towards his dreams.

Regardless of outcome on Aug 26th 2017, Conor McGregor and his team have done amazing things that many experts proclaimed impossible time and time again. I think his chances are good on the boxing upset of a lifetime, but we shall see on the night who is the more powerful manifester, McGregor of Floyd Mayweather.

Peace, and happy manifesting!

Graeme Muir

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