Long Psychedelic Song! Amapola, by Haymarket Square. Actually a cover of a song from 1920!

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Lots of reverb and acid guitar here folks, with female lead vocals! Over 10 minutes worth of it, in different movements. Seems to me that the song is about sex and probably drugs as well!

Haymarket Square, named after the Haymarket Riot, made one album in 1968 called Magic Lantern which only got 100 pressings and is worth a lot now to collectors. It was probably meant as a demo and was recorded on a 2 track tape recorder. The instruments are not playing tight; the drums don't always match up with the rest of the rhythm section. But still, its a pretty groovy slab of vinyl!

According to wikipedia, Amapola was written in 1920 with Spanish lyrics, rewrittenin English in the 30s, then covered by well known musicians such as the Jimmy Dorsey band, Bing Crosby and many Opera singers including Andrea Bocelli.

Of course this version by Haymarket Square sounds Nothing Like those older versions! The melody barely follows the formers and the instruments are 60s psychedelic. The lyrics seem to be almost the same, but updated for the 60s here and there.

The song starts with some drum effect, then into guitar with reverb and wah wah petal and the vocals. Let's look at the original, then the words updated by Haymarket Square:

A boy found a dream upon a distant shore. A maid with a way of whispering "Si, senor." Each night, while guitars would softly play, the two seemed to dance 'round the words he would say:

Amapola, my pretty little poppy, You're like that lovely flower, so sweet and heavenly. Since I found you, my heart is wrapped around you, And loving you, it seems to beat a rhapsody. Amapola, my pretty little poppy Must copy its endearing charm from you. Amapola, Amapola, how I long to hear you say "I love you."

And this was changed and sexed up to more clearly indicate the couple were making love!

A boy found a dream upon a distant shore. A maid with a way of crying "Please, no more!" Each night, as they blew their mind, they tuned in to the words he'd say:

My Amapola, my pretty poppy. You're like a lovely flower, so sweet and groovy! Since I found you, my heart's wrapped round you, and loving you takes all I have! My Amapola, Amapola, poppy must have gotten its charm from you. Amapola, Amapola, how I long to hear you say "I love you."

In the next verse, it's made clear that the boy left a girl when he sailed from a distant shore and found this new girl!

Then the song changes a bit, going into a dreamy sequence. The guitar is overdriven and acid psychedelic, typical of this period. There is an extended guitar break in this section.

Following this, we're back to the first and second verses again. Then another nice guitar break and the chorus again, followed by guitar and drum effect similar to how it all started, but possibly played backwards.

Get ready to blow your mind with this groovy song about a couple making love under the influence of a poppy-like flower!

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