Trip On Out with Haymarket Riot from Oklahoma!

in garagerock •  2 months ago

Wild Psychedelic Light Show and Loud Fast Fuzzy 1968 Punk Tune. Enjoy the Weekend!

If you're having an EOS Launch Party tonight, after the EOS GO Vote, you might need some crazy music to really get the people moving! Here we have a pounding fuzzy guitar based song to bang your head to. The organ smooths things out a bit but that shredding guitar is front and center, and gets quite ear splitting and face ripping especially during the freaky guitar solo. And this band is from Edin Oklahoma!

The singer sounds mellow enough. But he does advocate for that trip.

Turn around and see view wide. Go ahead and stretch your mind. Don't leave nothin' behind. Peace comes only one time. With you I feel fine. Trip on out! Trip on out! Trip on out now! Trip on out!

Before you press play, 2 warnings!

First, the light show is very flashy and psychedelic. It may cause a seizure or a flashback.

Second, although you will want to play this LOUD as hell, it's so gritty and raw that your ears might bleed!

Do you dare to Trip On Out?

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