Proof MainStream Media Knew IN ADVANCE About Hawaii Terror Drill

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Okay guys check this out. I am convinced after seeing this that:

a.) either the powers that be and their minions are absolute idiots
b.) they think we're absolute idiots who will never be able to put two and two together
c.) they're so brazen and believe they have such a monopoly on power that they don't care what we think
d.) or a combination of all four

Here's what I mean....enjoy the video:

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Wow! Just found this channel!
You definitely have a new follower.
There is no way that somebody accidentally pushed the wrong button.
Thanks for your awesome work!
Upvoted and resteemed.

I agree that this is super fishy! It seems like it may be someone inside of the News channel that did something to make the alarm go off. Too much of a coincidence.
I highly doubt the "button" to start this alarm is that easy to "accidentally push"... yeah, it was done on purpose.

I'm nut sure I agree with the phone thing though. Many phones like that have multiple lines and you have to press a certain button to call out or to switch lines. There is no need for a "special phone" for that call. That's movie stuff. I'm sure they get more than just missile calls from that phone, and they probably have multiple phones attached to the same lines.

Gotta disagree on the phone part of the comment. It is deserving of a special pair of copper wires run underground through secure facilities. This is too important to trust to a PBX and a bounce off a satellite or cell tower. The "button" should be special too.

Yes the button should definitely be special... or something that takes more than one step to do... lol I can't even turn my alarm off on my phone without going through a complex system.

This video pretty much says it all, once I heard the NBC coincident presence, I knew all I needed to. They are getting desperate and careless and anybody who can't see it, is an idiot. What upsets me are the hearts and minds of the people who were effected by that horrible message, and the fact that it wasn't an accident. Which leads to what was point? Not sure. Do they want the people to get used to a cry wolf scenario, or worse did they actually expect an immediate nuclear retaliation? Thank God they are stupid or we would all be crispy. Thank you for your hard work and diligence. Be safe, be well.

They want "FEAR" they seem to love having people worried about the next boogie man, even at Old Trafford, the Manchester United ground I watched a game, where they did a simulated terrorism broadcast during a footy game, to get people used to the new norm "being scared"

I'm sorry I had to laugh. When the "phone" was mentioned I pictured the "Batman" scenario. If that's what they're using we are all screwed. Gotta be choice "D" for dummies. Indeed it should be different. Those phones are Chinese junk. Something wrong with these pictures. Good catch. I'd never have found that out because the MSM makes me wanna vomit. NBC??? In any case FEMA would be recording the response of the people effected. Never let a good crisis go to waste even if it is a fictitious one. Not sure they got the response they wanted. I think they would expect all out panic. Wanted to see terrified people cause they're easier to control. Keep calm and NEVER listen to "stay where you are" in the south tower.

I think they do not care any more, you can see a false flag from a mile away, I always look at who has the most to gain, and then follow the money after,
a lot of events, yes I am so used to them I now call them simply events, anyway a lot of them are in places like airports, or public transport, and the main company looking after these places tends to be ICTS, a security firm founded by ex mossad staffers.

When the last so called terrorist attack happened in London, I was lucky enough to see live on tv, cnn of all places, the London police get out of a police van, and change into civilian clothes, dressed as the terrorists, because they had the tv cameras in place and ready to roll, and I guess someone wanted to give a clue away to international viewers.
I have a lot of information regarding false flags, as it intrigues me, check out and the video on it to promote their service and let me know what you think, also note where the three headquarters are, all freemason sites. :-)

I'm going for combination of all four! I just saw a news report on FB, saying a Japanese reporter has given a false warning about an incoming missile from N. Korea. I don't know the veracity of this yet, but, if I was a suspicious sort....I'd think someone is trying to trigger an actual attack. Will definitely be keeping an eye on this. Thank you for this post.

Too bad none of the highly paid Government people have ever heard of a Ring Down Line. They spend multi-millions on this Command Center and they don't include the most basic item in any Emergency Operations Center, Ring Down Lines. Even Batman knew this.


Something's very, very fishy. Seriously weird times we live in. Thanks for the breakdown HIF :)

A story from salon. That i wish to share with you .

My husband and I had just finished eating breakfast, and our 18-month-old daughter Anna was quietly playing with Lego bricks on our living room floor. My phone buzzes first. The ringtone is set on silent, but the long, violent buzzing is familiar: an emergency alert. A couple seconds later, my husband’s does the same.


Not what I expected to read at 8:07 a.m. on a Saturday.

"Babe . . .? This is a test, right?"

He grabs his phone and silently reads the same alert. I watch his face change. "I don’t think so."

We look at each other, just for a second, and I laugh, a nervous reaction. "No way."

There are no sirens, no fire alarms in our building. I scroll through my Google search. My husband does the same. There’s nothing online, nothing on the local news and nothing (yet) on Facebook. We turn the TV on. Nothing.

My best friend, who lives in the same condo, calls me and her voice, tight with emotion, finally gets through: "GET OUT NOW!"

I have to say, I no longer believe a) , I used to. Its just too easy to blame 'fat fingers' or some other stupidity for a valuable test of where the populous mindset is should it be real. Will they panic? will they call authorities like they should? will they meet with other members of their militia? How does this stress test the phone systems? etc.

You can see it in the 'fat finger' stock market problem a while back, the 'drills' when the very scenario is being played out, and Bush reading an upside down children's book on 9-11. Now you see it here in the 'just happen to have filmed it all in the warning building just before it happened' scenario, and the delay in informing the public it was in fact a drill. Its like a weird 'plausible deniability' due to incompetence.

I believe they are playing us for fools again and again, whilst they build up a belief in us that they are incompetent so when the hammer falls they shrug and say they need better 'systems' in place. Then they go about removing more of our freedoms.

This is just a newer version of the 'war of the worlds' radio program. I bet the Lab technicians are rubbing their hands in glee at the data they were able to gain from this little experiment.

b and c for me, but if b and we do put it together, there are ways to deal with that too.

I feel that the information is modified at the convenience of the nation that gives it, many times we find cases like "It was accidental" I doubt very much that it is an accident when you attack someone who is not doing anything to you, just as we see how they modify the information to become a victim, everything is at the convenience of the person who publishes the information.

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It would not surprise me with all that is coming out in the investigations. The MSM has to distract and do so hard or they lose it all.

We are in for a whirlwind for sure.


unbelievable how people accept these obvious PsyOps as "normal". all carefully crafted conditioning... step by step

Problem, Reaction "Solution" as David Icke points out, create the problem, wait for the reaction, save the day with a costly solution.

The M.S.M. getting a tour of the very facility the false alarm came from just a week before...suspicious much?

ALL main stream media is fake... if you watch the movie "Wag The Dog" it will explain everything and you will then understand how the world REALLY works!!

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That's easy, "D" definitely "D".

It is scary how little we actually know about what is going on in this world. So many secrets that the government are keeping from us. SCARY

Sangat indah

They're always the one to know first everything :)

The media has been compromised. The earlier we begin to understand this, the better.

Amazing post and thanks for sharing

How do these people cause panic to the entire island and other states just because a person pressed the wrong button? I understand people commits mistakes but comeon, it's about allegedly "hitting Hawaii of a nuclear missile"smh😕 this makes me question the COMPETENCE of the one that pushed the wrong button.

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Oh hey I know your channel on youtube - your the one who originally convinced me to get on steemit in the first place @highimpactflix ! Thanks!

I was think something is wrong . :)) it was done deliberately, not by accident.

They are getting desperate and careless and anybody who can't see it, is an idiot
Hey dear you are such a good blogger and also youtube, I checked your yt channel that's huge @highimpactflix


This is very serious,thanks for the enlightenment

Yes highimpactix, your job is very good and I loved it and I tell you to follow and I will follow you and deserve it

Absolutely 👌🏻

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sunguh menarik saya suk

Yep definitely "all of the above" on this one hahahaha!

Probably a cyber attack on the system. Talpiot?

I agree ❗️The phone ☎️ should look like this one . Bright RED like the BATPHONE or something and it should have rules that go with it like ONLY LIFT RECIVER IN CASE OF EMERGENCY 🚨 ❗️But that would be too much like critically thinking 🤔 and we wouldn’t want that . LOL . I’m Joking of course to all the sheeple , but really folks we got to get better people and processes to protect us . The imbeciles running our planet don’t have a clue and it is time to give them the BOOT right into the TRASH BIN ❗️Another great video . 🧠🍲 Feed the brain and live better . 👏👍✌🏼♥️👊🏻

It takes more than one button push to create an stupid do they think we are.

If you zoom in on the post it note that is on the monitor at the desk station of the man to the right it has the USER ID: , and PASSWORD, for log in written on it LOL!!!

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