Threatened with Legal Ruination by GEET Goons, Defenders of an Alt-Energy Investment Scam

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Below you will see an email I received recently in regards to this article I posted about the GEET engine, a purportedly revolutionary device which can run off water or any other liquid. It was ratio'd by a massive downvoting campaign from followers of David Pantone, son of Paul Pantone, the inventor of the GEET engine which mysteriously has been around in some form for decades, but has never been brought to market in any vehicle, generator or other consumer product.


Note the confidentiality disclaimer at the end. If you go around trying to bully people into silence, naturally you also want to scare them into not talking about what you've done to anybody else. Small problem, those disclaimers are not legally binding unless agreed to by both parties:


Something of the modus operandi and mentality of GEET followers should be evident from the format and wording of this mail. They're like a feeble incompetent version of the mob. Relying on intimidation and threats to secure complicity and silence from whistle blowers. Does that seem like the behavior of virtuous defenders of the truth to you? Anyway I have never been one to respond passively to intimidation, so I replied as follows:


Once again I made the mistake of trying to reason with people who have renounced its use, which is said to be as useless as administering medicine to the deceased. The whole GEET community is a really interesting phenomenon, one of many defensive, cult-like groups centered around fraudulent technologies in alt energy.

Why? There is no application for GEET in a world with batteries, electric motors and solar panels. Even if it were real, it's already obsolete. So what's the appeal, except to feel as if you're one of the enlightened few? In on a revolutionary secret, at ground zero of an explosively disruptive technological development that will change the world as we know it, toppling oil tycoons from their seats of power?

Very dramatic and enticing, but not true. If fossil fuel tycoons were able to suppress technologies that disrupt their profits, I wouldn't have an electric car in the driveway right now, charging from solar panels on the roof. They might say "there's no way to suppress solar panels or electric cars because those technologies are public knowledge", but so is GEET. Mr. Pantone sells plans and seminars to anybody who will pay for them.

There is no rational explanation why GEET would be successfully suppressed by oil barons, but not electric vehicles and residential solar panels. The information concerning each is readily available. If electric vehicles and solar can be put into mass production and sold worldwide, "the fossil fuel tycoons/government is stopping us!" isn't a realistic explanation for why GEET isn't on store shelves already.

But then, this was never an argument with rational people to begin with.

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