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A piece of shit by the name of @loveliness0427 seems to be floating around our network spreading links to an imposter Steemit site. More than likely this is a devious attempt to steal passwords and accounts. Seriously FUCK THIS PERSON and their black hat attempt to make off with the hard earned funds of legitimate users...

The account claims that your post has been stolen and then offers a link to see it. That link leads to "" which is in no way shape or form to be used. It's a site designed to steal your passwords and accounts..

Please go flag fuck the shit out of @loveliness0427 and warn others!!!

Also, if you would help me spread the word of this scam by upvoting and resteeming, the whole network will be better off.. Hopefully this scam hasn't gotten anyone yet but sadly I can't imagine everyone is as observant or as encumbered with knowledge of these sort of shitty phishing attempts as I am.

NEVER put your password or account keys into a site that isn't either collectively agreed upon to be legit or you are unsure of... Too many thieves and low lives on the internet to risk your account! Sadly it seems some would rather steal from others than work for their own. Surely a special place in hell exists for these type of scumbags (assuming hell is a thing, if it is I'll meet ya'll in the hot-tub)...

Stay safe, use your head and eyes to assess the situations at hand..
Stay vigilant!

Vote KLYE for Witness!

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Thanks for sharing this info!

Avoid these scam sites folks..!

Thanks for the heads up on this phishing scam. I hope so far no one has fallen for it. I agree- we all have to be vigilant when online :)


Seeing on the steemit-abuse channel that at least a few accounts have fallen prey to this bullshit. :/

I feel bad that someone took the pain to craftily look for means to scam ppl. Very sad... its Seriously its been a while i flagged an acct. My hands are itchy!


Have at it.. This phishing shit will not be tolerated here. Slimey thievin' bastards.

This is why I can't have anything nice :(


I thought it was because I draw dicks on all the nice things... But yeah.. greeeeeeeasy.

Thanks for it. Recently @ura-soul published an article that steewit is also scam.

Recently my frnd tried to participate in photography contest on, for commenting they asked to login, after login her axccount was hacked, sbd's were stolen.
And this is ridiculous.

Resteem and upvote

@klye i wrote post about phishing too.. so bad url name very similar "" . fyi

Great man @klye really amazing post dear i like it thanks for the good information for all steemit user...keep it up

Thanks for the 'Heads up"

Thank you for reminding me of this I will tell other friends ... May there be no other victims of this criminal act ....

Also @gtg.witnesses is not the same as @gtg.witness and the phishing link is plural -

Beware Links To!!!