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Not only is all of this protein absorbed at such a rapid pace, it’s used immediately towards the rebuilding of muscles!

We want to take advantage of this and give the body the maximum amount of protein it can absorb in this setting.

We accomplish this by shocking the body when we hit it with a large amount of protein and carbs no more than 20 minutes post workout (no less than 10). We’ll be able to absorb .25g’s - .4g’s per body pound of protein in one setting!

Chapter II: Absorption!

The body absorbs more protein after a workout. (Yes I know people will say, protein synthesis is heighten for up to 48–72 hours. Which, actually it’s more like 60–84 hours depending on how intense your workout was and if you’re fasted or not.) Yes this is true, but the muscles are just sitting there… Dying & desperate for anything! The HGH secretion drastically lowers at 20 minutes post workout leaving the muscles and your body in a rough spot without nutrition.

The optimal route is to hit them hard and fast PWO with protein and carbs, just the right amount with no spill over. Basically we want the muscles to absorb all the proteins and carbs, so there is no spill over of carbs to fat and protein to the “conveyor-belt”

This way the body is absorbing more protein and taking advantage of the entire protein syntheses cycle.

We never want a “conveyor-belt effect” - Meaning having excess nutrients waiting to be deposited when going into our workouts. We load up on nutrients PWO and eat a big meal later, but only when we need the conveyor-belt.


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