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Washington street filled with people moving here and there going to one place or the other. Sellers had already arrived to their shops, displaying their goods outside to their prospective customers, children going to various schools in their various school buses, while the less privileged weren't choosers but had to go by their "leggedis benz". Other vehicles passing by making different horrible noises. Indeed, a typical Monday morning.

"Poooooo" (car horn). This horrible noise interrupted Judge Wells from his deep thoughts. It was a little Toyota car sounding its horn at a mad man who was crossing the road majestically.

"OMG, I'm long gone, what the hell is that noise all about" said Judge as he opened the window to confirm. "huh, so that little car can make such a loud noise like that of the Angel's trumpet on the last day" he said. Judge had been thinking about his late father, he remembered all the awesome time he and his family had gone through when his father was alive and had compared the past with the present and noticed a great difference.

"Judge, Please do me a favour, can you please help me clean up the car?" Mrs Judge screamed out of the kitchen. Judge frowned his face and went out relunctantly to get the job done. After some minutes, Judge was done, he decided to open the car safe and he found the necklace his father gave him when he was young. This gave him a little flash back of his past as tears started flowing down his face like a waterfall.

Mr. Wells was a very rich man who had various businesses and uncountable shares with numerous companies. The Wells had once been a family which most of the people in their vicinity pray for. But it's unfortunate on Sept. 19, 2000 which happened to be Mr. Wells' birthday, he had a fatal accident on his way home to celebrate with his family. A bad day indeed. This bad incidence claimed all his properties and lot more. He was flown to various country but the accident was just too fatal. He gave up the ghost and this returned Wells back to square one. This made Judge and his mother cry soberly anytime it's their father's birthday and never forget to sing him a birthday song with bitterness and tears on their faces at his grave every year.

"Judge, open the door" his mother said. The 18 years old boy had locked the car door as he cried. He opened the door, just as his mother saw the necklace in his hand, she bust into tears as the tears washed down the make up she had nicely painted her face with. "Oh my loving husband, you shouldnt have left us that way" she said as she collected the necklace from Judge and locked it on his neck. She embrassed him. "Don't worry my son, all will be well, I promised to do all your father didn't had the chance to do for you" she petted him as she patted him at his back

"I have prepared your breakfast and dished it in inside your flask, take proper care of yourself, I will be right back" she said as she zoomed off.

At 8:00pm, Mrs. Wells had already arrived from her place of work. She had prepared the dinner. She and judge were eating as Judge broke the silence "Mum, I don't wanna change my school and l love my school"

"You have to, my sweetheart" she replied.

Mrs. Wells wanted Judge to start the new term in a new school, the reason behind this was never known to anyone but her. All she wanted was a new term, a new school"

"But mom, this is my final year in my school and I wish to finish my secondary in Oxford International School" he insisted.

"Table manner" Mrs. Wells replied angrily.

Judge lost his appetite and left the food on the table and went straight to his room. His mother called him but he refused. He laid on his bed and started thinking.

"How will I cope in a new school? what will I tell Rose? How will I be able to make her proud?" Judge soliloquised as he slept off.


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