Supposedly hacked accounts on Steemit... Time for a new proposal!

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Google Authenticator

A lot of chat traffic is going on in the Steemit slack of accounts being hacked. Maybe It's time for my newest proposal. Two factor authentication! I think that with a simple configuration of the Google Authenticator app you can secure your account a whole lot better!

But there is more! How about letting the user also decide on where to enable 2 factor authentication? So for example, you want to login with 2 factor authentication, but also want to make sure that when you Power Down on your STEEMPOWER you can enable authentication too? This would also apply for transferring STEEM or even showing the private keys!

In any way, that would make it a lot harder for hackers to withdraw compromised accounts. Naturally Steemit doesn't allow for a quick exit because of the STEEMPOWER mechanism. Hopefully this is all dust in the wind, I'd hate to see Steemit fail because of security reasons. GOSTEEM!


Two factor authentication! Yes agree

Here, we also discuss about the necessity of adding 2FA to STEEMIT

there is no 2 factor authentication on the blockchain. It may prevent website generated hack...but not through the command line.

most people don't have the technical capacity or desire to do it that way. Vast majority of users will just use the website. They need simple security. I don't even know how to use the posting key and I'm not a noob with this stuff.

right. but hacker will know how to use the cli wallet.

Safe = credible
So, I'll gladly swap an extra login for a solid and well regarded platform.

How can I change my password?