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Hello ! after about month of missing payout, being back in it for a few days then missing payout again, it looks like I'm back in payout. So I guess it's time to make a post to explain what's been going on.

I haven't been inactive during this whole period, I just haven't allocated as much time to working on it depending if I am recieving payment or not. I have actually been working on a bug with the steemit team and I can't disclose much about it yet, hence my current silence.

But I am definitely still working on it and reading the enormous codebase daily.

I am done on the create_smt and get_nai operations. And am moving onto the more interesting parts of the testing, aka using the tokens, trying to break inflation and ICOS.

Another step of testing that I want to get done is try to get some nai collisions in.

As soon as I'm allowed, I'll make an update on the bug hunt that I've been conducting over the past month, and expect to hear soon about the rest of the testing.

I am now getting a pretty good grasp of how SMT work, so if you are planning on running one, feel free to leave a comment if you have questions.


this is an awesome update thanks for sharing... if you or anyone else does a video or podcast talking about the possibilities or the mechanics of the SMT interfaces I'd love to watch them. I'm sure is gonna have to do a lot of UI stuff for SMT so i need to start studying... however presently putting time into Communities UI prep.

I agree with you @jarvie! A video explaining all the features and how to incorporate smt it will much usefull! Im looking for it too!

Ah that would be a good idea, I am not much of a video guy but I could try to record a podcast. And yes focusing on communities is a good idea, SMTS won't come out before quite some time. And even when they will do, it will take a few weeks before some some smts are created and used. You will be able to go feature by feature.

During the first weeks I think we'll mostly see airdrops and ICOS, so you can just make an UI to display that. Then we'll see actual posts, votes etc and then it will make sense to make an UI for the rest of it :)

Intrigued, concerned & wish you best of luck✌🏼 Looking forward to hearing more!

Thanks ! We are working our best to remove the "concerned" part :p

Hah :) Sending good vibes your way!

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Hi @howo

After reading your post, this question only crossed my mind.

Why don't you ask for help? I don't know anything about programming and the little I can know is, to make very simple questions at the Database level using Oracle SQL Developer, but that's not my forte.

As you are saying that you have a lot of code to review, just think that you can ask for help, in this Steemit ocean I know there are many that can help.

It was just a free thought that went through my mind as I read

Best regards

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Will I be able to have the users of my Dapp earn only my SMT and not Steem ? or will they earn both....
we are using steem-keychain for them to log into our web interface right now

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