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RE: Marketing experiment for business sector - 150 SBD Contest -- Summarized Results.

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Excellent article as always.

Some great points made and it will be interesting to see how this platform grows as more people flock towards the 'Easy Money' promoted by many YouTubers and vloggers.

This style of advertising is all over facebook - Like, Follow and share and it works for large companies.


Thank you.

Yes, I believe you are correct, we will see much more of it and I don't think we will enjoy the end result if it is not kept within boundaries.


I have to say that when I was informed about steemit, it was simply "come, post things, and get money from it".. And this is the same idea that's being fed to people and when they get here and post stuff without good content and don't get the reward that was falsely promised them, they get discouraged, and either run to 'bot' or abandon the community.. lol...
Please let's send the words out that in steemit, "there are no short-cuts in building costumers base, reputation and account value"


And that is what we are doing, and there are more joining all the time.

Thanks for your support!