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RE: Marketing experiment for business sector - 150 SBD Contest -- Summarized Results.

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You have said it all...lovely post
I want to use this medium to say thank you!
You really pushed me to unleash my latent potential once more the time you gave me the opportunity and privilege to partake in the #bycolemancontest.
At first I asked myself, do I still have writting skill? After a day of thinking, the next day I swung into action and to my greatest surprise I was able to complete the story this morning.
Thanks to @bycoleman.
You reinvigorated and awakened the sleeping giant in me.
Proof reading my story and in no time I will submit it.
Thanks a lot, you are a blessing.


Wow, this is probably the kindest most heartfelt reply I have ever received!

I am so very happy you are back in action! And of course the best of luck to you.

You have blessed me today. Thank you and have a joyous day!

That's so nice to read. It's beautiful when you see people helping one another and the closing of the circuit with expression of gratitude. I'm blessed to get to witness this between the two of you. (And sorry I missed the contest LOL)

Thanks for your read.... But you still have the chance to participate. It's still on you know

The original post said it closed within 168 hours of the post, which was 2 weeks ago.