#FOMO Alert: About last night's steemit #promo-uk #birmingham meet up

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About last night's Steemit Birmingham Meetup

This week has been fabulous, hope yours was too. I've shared some #steemit love with students from different universities around Birmingham, attended a freshers fair and it all culminated with the steemit meetup on Saturday.

steem x .jpg

Feeling like: Gotta catch 'em all


Last night's meetup was the most EPIC (ps: i'm not shouting) event I've ever been too (and trust me, I've attended loads). Thank you @starkerz for organising such an awesome event. It was great to connect with new steemians in person, to exchange ideas and have deep and meaningful conversations. When you bring together a group of people with different backgrounds but similar perspectives on life it takes the experience to a whole new level!

We first met at Cozy Club in the heart of Birmingham. We obviously spiked some interest in the pub, but don't worry @sterkerz and @stephenkendal were ready to share the love with those intrigued by our meet-up. Here are some highlights:

The feeling you have when you explain Steemit to other people:

Our poor attempt at doing the Mannequin Challenge:


We then walked to The Crown for a meal and a live performance - here's a summary:



I'd like to dedicate this section to Brandon @branhmusic. What truly impressed me was his personality and also his awesome dad and brother! WOW! Oh WOW! You can see their dedication and passion for music, they are truly inspiring. I also remember @starkerz telling me about Brandon and how amazing he is, but you don't realise this until you actually meet him. His music is a manifestation of his soul, such a great gift to have. You don't trust me, have a look at the video below.



I couldn't finish this post without saying a massive thank you to @MajorLeeBlunt for the LASER and @stephenkendal for starting this MOVEMENT!

It takes a village to change the world but we are here for the long ride! It was lovely to get to know the awesome @themeanbean - you need to see his dance moves!, @nantchev - you definitely need to have a conversation with him about daily habits to achieve massive results, @calliestarkey - her passion for social innovation and creating epic community hackathons and @tsweeney - her drive and dedication to help others. What an amazing night! Love you all! Can't wait to do it all again.


Love & Light,

Some other posts about last night:






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WHAT A GREAT BLOG..!! hahaha :) :) :) Stephen


thank you @stephenkendal, it was lovely to finally meet and find out more about your plans for #promo-uk

This is a wonderful glimpse into the night we all had last night!! Great blog Joanna!! Love it and couldn't agree more!! I have resteemed and will up vote tomorrow when my steem power is back to full, as I think this blog deserves the largest up vote I can muster!!


thank you @starkerz; it was such a wonderful event, thank you for organising such an epic night! :)

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wow, awesome post @joannaaxite, thanks for being there to create this beautiful round up of the Birmingham steem'ers, will checkout your websites, i heard some convo's i would have loved to get stuck in with regarding consiousness and mastership, woohoo crazy awesome!!! resteemed and upvoted of course!


thank you @majorleeblunt, we definitely need to meet again :) have an awesome week!

Hi @Stephenkendal @starkerz, looks fantastic. Im sorry I didn't attend. I had a videography workshop in Manchester which ran way over and then decided to keep costs down considering the London trip next month. It didn't seem worth a 2hr drive for the 2-3 hours that was left.


hi @ashleypeat, it was such a great event - such a shame you couldn't make it. We'll have to organise another meet-up soon so we can all meet :)