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So I got into town to spread the Steem love in Bristol. I started to convince my friends first to use Steem, and in the city, I found great interest as well. It will take me a bit of time to get rid of the 4500 flyers left from @stephenkendal, but if you want to help me, just contact me.

Currently, I am organising a Steem meetup in Bristol, more likely @starkerz will do a presentation there, but need to confirm the date. It will be in the center somewhere.
For the photo, many thanks for @rebirth who will post a small promo video for Steem later this week, so follow him as well!

*Follow me for updates. *


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Thank you guys you made my day

Looking great. Keep up the good work. Stephen

Warming up slowly, getting through the stages you told me about while handing out the flyers :)

finished the music of the promo video last night, guys!
will share it today. promo video as well! thanks!

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that's good to know thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

Will do, thanks

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great work.....plzz..follow me

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