pimping my car with promo steemit decals

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How do you promote Steemit? well, I'll tell you what I am doing.

I have gone and blinged my car boot with car decals and with the job I do hundreds of people will see this every day.

I'm a Pizza delivery driver for a takeaway near me called Chilli Banana and I did 33 deliveries in the space of 5 hours and covered 59 miles that were a good night.
I got stuck in traffic and got to all my orders before the ETA given so I think I did very well.

Here is the photo's






Smart thinking hay?

I even found a printer to do this in the colour of the Steemit logo.

Why not bling your car like mine

I am @artonmysleeve.

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Great idea @artonmysleeve. Your pizza company ought to pay you for advertising them on Steemit. Go you.


I might put it to them haha, but I don't think they will be pleased when I move house in 3 weeks and leave them without the best pizza delivery guy ever haha



Thank you @papa-pepper the comment and up-vote mean a lot to me.
Love the pictures of the frog, that camera works a treat. :)

Very smart idea ... Thank you :) I'll try it too :)


Thank you @deviliano it's probably the best £6 I've spent so far :)

your post is very good my friend is very fond of the post you thank friend for sharing the things that I can learn from you


thank you

Great idea. I don't use my car enough and it's in the garage when I'm home. I'll definitely do this when I get my Lambo :)


I'm thinking when I'm a millionaire that I will put this on my Ferrari, I'd be the only person to drive a red sports car with the steem logo. haha

Love it man! Keep up the good work. I will likely do this to my car when I get it on the road.


thanks dude. you really should, more people that see it the better :)


Yeah man It's on my list of things too do this summer. Just gotta get my car on the road first lol.

Look at you Drew.You are so smashing it right now.Atleast you spreading the word.More exposure more people viewing your blogs.Everyones got to stay connected.Even with your move, delivieries and family you still get time to promote.Good job👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🍕


thanks @pamcooks There is hardly any steemians in Sheffield and the ones we looked upon the directory are not active like me. some of them have joined and not even started posting yet, so that's a shame.
I have got more promo coming once @anarcotech sends me the videos and pictures from Mondays promo that we did. it was great fun. thanks for checking me out again, much love :)

Your post is an inspiration to me, if I have a car I will imitate like you. Unfortunately I do not currently have a car.

I like it so much woooow