My promo-uk banners have come today. it's time to advertise Steemit to Sheffield. Watch this space.

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I Powered down so I could buy some items to Promote Steemit.

After a conversation with @stephenkendal a few days ago, I passed on my Ideas of promoting Steemit to Sheffield and one of the ideas was promoting with the power of Banner advertising.
@stephenkendal liked the Idea and said that he thinks it is a Steemit first and if it is yay for me lol


I spent the money I had on a few Banners and a costume I intend on wearing to Promote Steemit in April.

If you don't know what I am doing you need to read this post.

This is the costume I will be wearing for that weekend of promoting Steemit and I am really looking forward to it.

I need support so if you can make it down on any of them days in the first week in April that would be brilliant.
If you would like to help me buy the easter eggs to give to the kids then please do so, just upvote my posts and the money I make on them posts will be spent on buying Easter eggs for kids or you can send me Steem dollars and right in the memo that is what the money is for. I will credit everybody who helps in supporting this in the promo posts.
I am going to need a lot of Easter eggs so the more help the better.


My banners came today yay whoop whoop I was so happy when they came the delivery guy didn't expect someone to answer the door so happy.

I have opened the package and this is what they look like


These banners will be going on bridges in Sheffield in the next couple of days come back and check. If the Bunny outfit comes in the next couple of days I will be standing on the bridges where these have gone doing a little crazy dance and waving to oncoming cars.

If you have come across this post because you have seen some crazy dude on a bridge waving, well, that is me @artonmysleeve and I would like to welcome you to the Steemit platform the blogging site that pays you to post. :)

I am at the moment choosing the busiest roads to maximise the number of people to see the banners to get more traction to the site. As more Steemians the better. this will bring more money to Steemit and bring the price of Steem up with people investing in the currency.
This is a win, win for all new and old Steemians.

Cheers to all who supports me in this Promotion. I will be doing more as time goes on so give me a follow to see what I am up. I have some crazy Ideas. haha

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just sent you a bit of SBD (I haven't got a lot!) and as my vote is worth less than 1 cent. I am sure you will get a lot of interest!.


That's really nice of you thank you.
It is all going to a good cause. kids get free chocolate and adults get to know about Steemit.


@lemondropblue I have been over to your blog to check it out but I only see one post. why don't you put some content on there? If you blog about something your good at other steemians will give you up-votes. (I know I will :) )