3Speak Twitter Awareness Campaign. #YouTubeIsOverParty

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YouTubers are being purged from Youtube left & right!

Right now #YoutubeIsOverParty is trending all over Twitter!


Call to action:

To earn upvotes create a video about why content creators should move from YouTube to 3speak.

  • Use a Meme from the Epic Meme Contest as your 3speak video Thumbnail. You can grab a meme from the epic meme contest here: https://steemit.com/threespeak/@threespeak/epic-meme-contest or feel free to create your own.

  • Share your 3Speak video link on Twitter using the hashtag #YouTubeIsOverParty and tag a Youtuber you think would benefit from joining 3Speak.

  • Drop a link to your 3speak video + Twitter link below for upvotes.

This is an on-going effort, complete this initiative and use the Steem tag "#promo-steem" (put this tag last on Steem, put more relevant information as the first tag) and we will find you, and we will upvote you. Note, only use "#promo-steem" tag on Steem, not Twitter.


Post Beneficiaries: 100% @steem.dao


I'm in ! I've been already doing certain stuff to attract traffic upon @threespeak ;)

And here's another one form my side !

Check this out -

3Sp Video -

I really see as a great party that you have called all Steemians to come and feast and to be satisfied @threespeak! We will surely show up in our videos, the reason why @threespeak video platform is far better, because the platform is "censored free" and freedom of speech is fully assured!

Great initiative 😂👍🏽... only I would rather it be to join Steem itself. Given that this helps us all, all our tubes— even ReggaeTube.io by @reggaesteem 🙂

#OneLove #OneSteem

Cheers !BEER

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3Speak is Steem, just the video version. :) - Eventually, users won't need to know a thing about Steem, we will promote the front ends and end users will use the website like they would a Twitter or Youtube.

bro i wana get 3speak account.. i also joined discord but i am not getting idea, how pay 28 to 3speak,, @theycallmedan

Dam right! It was about dam time for it to happen

Herkese merhaba. Güzel yürekli insanlarla buluşmak dileğiyle

I haven't had the opportunity to use #Youtube for 1.5 years. In 1 week I got many opportunities using #3speak. Love ❤❤❤💕 you #threespeak.

I am new for 3speak. But i start learning now. If someone have suggestion please give me.

Is there a good introduction to the whole 30 STEEM subscription thing? Why is it needed vs. Dtube etc. would like to know more about this, if i decide to wrap up a video.

I guess what im worried about is, if they run out of money the videos will be gone forever?

Okay thats really cool.

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would like more information about this

Is there something already in place to earn from videos past the 7 day payout window? I got some videos which went viral after a year or so, after uploading them to Youtube. And are travel videos welcome which only shows a place without a person talking? I haven't tried out the platform yet because the word "speak" in threespeak kind of scares me away because I never ever speak in my videos, hehe.

AMA check this out ASAP

Hey @threespeak, here is a little bit of BEER from @donald.porter for you. Enjoy it!

i got good info from this post.

Thanks a lot for this initiative. Here is my entry :

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Lovely.. I love 3speak

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I am absolutely hating the new COPA regulations and the movement that youtube has done to implement it is just sick. We'll see very soon how it all turns out. I confess I am trying to rescue my channel, don't misunderstand me, it's still a "service" to host the videos to embed them on my site and it has its own traffic to be able to be scouted and found by potential audience. Still, ALL networks are NOT my site, and thus only a took to reach and not become frustrated if they turn out to change for the worse. I won't rely on any, I'll use them as necessary tools to promote my work. Still I have to say the COPA FTC thing which I consider exceedingly censoring (parents should know best about their kids instead of wanting the internet to baby sit them) but I mean COPA is implementing on internet not only on youtube, so the fact that other platforms have not censorship does not make the individual liable for what they upload which is scary if you can't delete what you upload. Not trying to be gloom and doom, just hope they understand eventually that what the want is as good as massive internet censorship, but things as they are,the implementation is going to affect further and beyond youtube alone.

FTC (I'm Spanish but for americans) has a feedback page about their policy and such, lots of people are at least voicing the new implementation is abusive and in fact goes against freedom of speech.

COPPA is nothing new. It's youtube's own fault that they haven't implemented existing rules for collecting data about and advertising towards kids long ago.

Thanks for the post.


Now these MEME words sounds like new Trend team.

Keep up with these Trending Initiatives team. Stay blessed.

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When I Joined I Thought it will not be Good... BUT it is Going to be the Best SOON... I Already Started Uploading to it..
Subscribe Me on 3SPEAK https://3speak.online/user/engineermabbas

I had some issues uploading my videos in the past few day but I finally succeeded.


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Now people can use steem for personal development with private classes with me online.

Full video here ->

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