STEEM: Short term target = $3.50. Medium term target = $14.00. Current Price = $1.39 +15.82%.

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For those that are on twitter, I thought I would share with you the latest tweet.

The tweet reads...


#Steem $STEEM

Current Price = $1.39 +15.82% 🚀

Short term target = $3.50.

Medium term target = $14.00.

#TRON #TRX #TronNetwork #Steemit


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Hello @stephenkendal, I like my hobby is designing and want to make a portrait illustration for you. And I would like to ask permission to use your current profile photo to serve as an illustration. May I?

Sounds great.

Sure, go ahead and use the profile photo as you wish.


Hello Stephen, I just finished making your portrait, what do you think?

I will make a post tomorrow to explain the detailed process of the process, I hope you like it


That is absolutely awesome.!!

I love it.

Make sure to let me know when you have published your Blog and I will upvote it, resteem it and share on it twitter.


Thank you very much @stephenkendal for the wonderful expectations!
I wish it would all happen soon!
retweet, like, message.

@stephenkendal(77)Oh hoo very good performance post.I look forward to seeing this community spread widely and seek everyone's support and assistance.thanks

@stephenkendal Thank you sir,for sharing this post with everyone. I think the price of steam will increase again in the coming days, steam will be much better inshaAllah, I always wish you all the best.

Good tweet, good goals. STEEM will be above $ 7 this year.

I wish steem meet the target price our effective efforts for #promo-steem will be successful InshaAllah 😇 thanks for sharing this post sir @stephenkendal

#Steem will be $2 in this current month and i think it will meet your short term terget next month.

I have noticed in past that, #steem price always move depending on sbd price. But now it is moving alone, it's really great.

@stephenkendal thank you for sharing with us these projections, which have been very accurate when you make them. It is also great news and a great catapult for the expansion of our platform.

Your post was shared on my Twitter account

Very soon my friend

i have retweeted it sir

Follow, koment, retweet and like 🥰👍

thank you for sharing, the price is fantastic, i am sure in the future the price will go up again, steem will be even more advanced, good luck always @stephenkendal

I am so down for a $3.50 target. And very reasonable to reach that.

Wow, these are the forecasts. So I was in the right place at the right time. True, I am just beginning to master the Universe called Steemit and everything is new and alien to me, but I think that there will be people who care about me who will help me get used to it faster with their tips and I will be able to be useful not only to Steemit, but also to fulfill my dream))

Thank you for sharing, steem future price will go up again soon we will complate Short term target = $3.50 thank you

I will love to see STEEM worth in double figures.

I also hope that steem price will go to moon. If so i will be huge....

Thanks for your helpful post.keep it up.

Yes, it looks like your sort term target going to be full fill soon and also hopping from long term, thanks for your post.
Retweet’s done!

The highest price of #steem in last 24 hours is $1.48. So i think #steem is about to fill your short term target.

Re tweet done. I am hoping for steem to go 14+. Thanks for Your post.

I hope you are right

We must work harder on getting more people signed up on steemit. I look forward to seeing steemit as the best and most engaging media platform in Africa.