Promoting Steemit and the Steem Blockchain across your Social Network with the #DeleteFacebook #JoinSteemit Social Media Campaign. You guys simply ROCK..!!

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Promoting #Steemit and #Steem across other Social Media Sites

#DeleteFacebook #JoinSteemit - Twitter Campaign


#DeleteFacebook #JoinSteemit in association with #Promo-Steem

Latest tweet...

From triggering the #dMAmapping⇗⇗⇗⇗⇗⇗ buy alert, #Steem $STEEM has seen a growth of no less than x 3.72 to the current price of $3.16. Remains bullish. Target remains set at $17.50 by end of June. #DeleteFacebook #JoinSteemit @Steemit

Price Target for #Steem

Target remains set at $17.50 by the end of June.

A Massive Thank You

Thanks for reading and thanks once again to everyone around the World that is promoting #Steemit & the #Steem Blockchain and sharing their Blogs with #Promo-Steem.

You guys are doing an AWESOME job and simply ROCK..!!


Promoting #Steemfair and #Steemfair-uk

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#Investors-Group - Cryptocurrency News

Please feel free to use the #Investors-Group tag for: Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities and Investment related Blogs.

The London Cryptocurrency Show Promo-Steem Investors-Group Stephen Kendal Steemit Steem


Please note that the above information is for educational purpose only and is not to be taken as investment advice. Other Cryptocurrencies are available.

#DeleteFacebook #JoinSteemit

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Glad to see that target remains set at $17.50 by the end of June for Steem, which i think could be very much possible by watching the market cap growth from the past few days.

Wow thats a big targed..welll hope for it and i will say steem is rising like a giant star.

I always support and promote deletefacebook and joinsteemit to my community, thanks for your attention mr @stephenkendal

17,5$ per Steem sounds good, how do you get to this number ?

@stephenkendal you've really put in tons of genuine work promoting steemit.
Thanks a million for all you do sir.

Really very big business
But Facebook sites are totally free to exploit users in ads
But Steam does not take advantage of any of the biggest profit sites

NEO is a blockchain platform that allows for the execution of trustless smart contracts. That means that, like Ethereum, it can be used for financial transactions, but it also can serve as a platform for more complex interactions and fully-featured distributed apps (dApps).

Wow!! That's so excellent of you.
The TV monitor stand is really amazing and I think it will surely be useful in the future as well.
It is good to be creative and I'm sure this is going to have an impact on cryptocurrency show that is going to happen in London.
Thanks for sharing with us @stephenkendal

Dear sir @stephenkendal I am happy to know that the x2 new TV Monitors have arrived safely for The London Cryptocurrency Show next week. 14th April is near to hit the Jackpot with steemit project. The #promo - stream project will be rocking on that day.
You also made a great opportunity for all App Developers so they also present their own short presentation for displaying monitor 1. You are really kind and great sir @stephenkendal. Thank you very much to share this important topic with us.

That is entirely decent work Sir @stephen. Screen 1 will get more consideration as all are interested to know the introduction on the extra large screen. It appears things are going extraordinary up until this point.

fourteenth April is close to make it big with steemit venture. #promo-steem venture will eb shake on that day on the grounds that there are quantities of diligent employee behind this task and I'mpretty much beyond any doubt that each individual will be glad on that day in the wake of seeing the improvement of STEEM.

You see these is one of my favorite Steemit campaign online and Offline Steemit. You see, personally when I try to talk about steemit to someone . I start with comparism, I relate Steemit to Facebook user with what they are familiar with and with that they quickly get the concept and doing that achieving two things ... preaching Steemit as no 1. And after the comparism the most important part which I always conclude with is Facebook as a time waster which pays you nothing but on steemit, every sec of your time is worth a fortune and that’s the no 2. And those are the two things I achieve using Facebook as a weapon of self destruct

a very great project @stephenkendal. I support for his success

I appericiate and suppoert your mission for delet facebook and joining steemit to become more papular. Lets see whats happen to the end of this year 😊
I must support your kind step and help much as we can. All the best sir @stephenkendal

Haha Yeyyyy, people are awaking and deleting the fake book i mean #facebook :D

Promoting Steemit and the Steem Blockchain across your Social Network with the #DeleteFacebook #JoinSteemit Social Media Campaign. You guys simply ROCK..!!

Credit must be given to the #promo-steem tag as well, and off course you played brilliantly with your marketing tactics Stephen :)

Now no one stop the storm of new investors and more traffic on this platform, Hurrah ;)

very interesting and getting much hype your this campaign @stephenkendal, many peoples are now joining steemit and looks like to killed the Facebook. Great work done by all your team to promoting Steemit. Its all due to your day and night hardworking with passion for #promo-steem. I salute you for your impressive effort. My support and appreciations always with you. keep it up. you proved that Stephen is a real brand ambassador of Steemit. I love Steeemit.

#DeleteFacebook #JoinSteemit Social Media Campaign.

Excellent! it's really great that you promoting steemit community and do effoerts for #promo-steem. Not so far we are going to be successful here on steemit, just by do hard work and promot this website.I believe that your campaign surely will be encouraging all new users and new blockchain technology to this platform. We should be use #joinSteenit tag and #DeleteFacebook. I support your effort fo this community.
that's really wonderful you're promoting also investor groups and crypto trader.

You're doing a great job by promoting this community and work for promo steem Sir @stephenkendal, I wish that you sucessful in your step.
I'm pretty much sure it will be a lot of people @joinsteemit and beat @facebook just by your kind effort I really support you great step that you have taken to promoting this community.

  ·  last year (edited)

I discover the last #londoncryptocurrencyshow event have contributed to steem market price, more investors have coming, promoting steemit in all part of the world and in our respective countries have a positive impact to steemit blockchain, Facebook application have been deleted on my device for a long time.

I love this movement!!!. Delete it!!!.
I promote Steemit/Steem even on my WhatsApp status hahaha

Yes i also already doing this... i think i don't need Facebook anymore cauze my works get more appreciation in Steemit community...

Thanks for sharing, @stephenkendal ... Let's Rock!...😀😍😍

Great job sir.

  ·  last year (edited)

I run a coffee shop and form a small community of members of my customers in Jakarta who are members of KSI (Komuninitas Steemit Indonesia) are also being actively campaigning to stop using facebook and switch to steemit, along with our banner ...

Promo Steemit C9.jpg

a very great post ... thanks for sharing ... you are very extraordinary @stephenkendal

Don't worry @stephenkendal Facebook is gonna bury into mud on itself.B
Because it never though about the benefits of it's user!
now people are realizing it and it will be a dead end of facebook soon!
#deletefacebook #joinsteemit.

Maybe I should've done this before actually deleting my facebook account 😂

The facebook did bad to itself by its own.. Little bit more hype and Facebook will vanish completely..

I will always promot delete facebook and join steemit

Love steemit...

i appericiate and suppoert your mission for delet facebook and joining steamit to become more papular Lets see whats the year 😊
I can help All the best sir @stephenkendal

facebook users switch to steemit "Mark Zuckerberg panicked seeing facebook users day by day diminishin

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg (born in White Plains, New York, May 14, 1984,) is a computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. He is known for creating social networking site Facebook.
but lately he felt saturated because facebook users day by day diminished.hihihihiiiiiii ...
he feels panicked because many facebook users are turning to Steemit.
the anxiety that he attempted to make an offer to the users faceebok active, which deals entered into any Facebook user through the messenger, the following message comes in everyone messenger

"Hi, I'm Mark, manager Facebook. Hello everyone, it seems like all the warnings are real . Using Facebook will require a fee. If you send this series to 18 differ from your list, your icon will turn blue and will be free for you. If you do not believe me, tomorrow at 6 pm Facebook will close and open it you have to pay.
All this by law. This message is to inform all our users that our servers are very busy recently. We are asking for your help to resolve this issue. We ask an active user to forward this message to everyone on your contact list to confirm an active Facebook user. If you do not send this message to all of your contacts on Facebook, your account will remain inactive for losing all your contacts without sending this message. Your smartphone will be updated within the next 24 hours, and will have new designs and new colors for chats. Dear Facebook user, we will update to Facebook starting at 23:00. Until 5 am on this day. If you did not send this to all your contacts, the update will be canceled. You will not have the possibility to chat with your Facebook messages. You have to pay the price unless you are a frequent user. If you have at least 10 contacts, send this SMS and the logo will turn red to indicate that you are the user you confirmed ... we ended it for free. Tomorrow they start collecting Facebook messages by 0.37 cents. Forward this message to more than 9 contacts, and you will be free for the rest of your life. Watch and the ball turn green. Do it and you will see Facebook now for free. Send to 10 people to reactivate your service at no cost.

let's all #deletefacebook and #joinsteemit

This campaign is going superbly great. We are not only sharing such stories but telling our colleague and family friends lively and motivating them to join this life changing platform and deleting facebook. This platform has changed my life so why not other can't change through this amazing platform? Surely, they can change too. We should promote this network to every person who needs such promising networks.

It's true that you are inspiration for us who motivate us and giving a solid reason to promote this platform to all. This will be growing up every day. BEST OF LUCK ALL :)

It has been good news for some days now. The figures are green again. This is good for the heart and eyes.
Not to forget

Target remains set at $17.50 by the end of June.

By this time, the greens will almost pop out of ours screens. What to do? Promote more!!!!

Great. Now i see i am not alone in this. I already have a post giving more reasons to leave Facebook for steemit