Newsflash: Binance lists STEEM..!!

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#STEEM lists on Binance

Binance Lists STEEM.png

Breaking news: Binance lists #STEEM..!!

For the ones who may have missed this news, here is a link...
Credit: binance

Binance Tweet

2018-02-01 10.55.33.jpg
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Just saw the Promo Steem video @stephenkendal, wish I had seen that earlier the other day. If you all make a repost of it will be sure to give support. I am not sure if you are on Discord Steem Speak Server but you can add me there and PM me anytime. Take care.


Once again, thank you for your tremendous support for #Promo-Steem. I really appreciate it. Stephen

These last 2 months has seen an explosive growth in the adoption of the Promo-Steem tag, the Website and the newly created @Steem-Ambassador Account. A Massive Thank You..!!


wowm esto realmente es increible, gracias amigo por todo, Saludos desde Venezuela.


Hi @thejohalfiles ! Its great to have your support in #promo-steem ! The steemit blockchain needs the support of smart people that think were to place the energy. By supporting huge projects like #promo-steem its the way we will see the Steem Blockchain to skyrocket this year! This will benefit all the entire ecosystem.

Regards, @gold84


I am happy to find you here,thanks for the support you give to our Ugandan friend on his dtube videos,i really appreciate sir.


Thanks for the support you are giving to @tojukaka, he is one of the first set of people on steemit, he has been source of inspiration to us all... soon we will be having our first steemit meetup in Ibadan,Nigeria.. Thanks once again at @thejohalfiles


how do i become a successful curator like you? i use steem voter i upvote at 30 min i even tried manually and i just started 13 days ago first week i upvoted was manually and i havent recived nothing. this 2nd week is with steem voter.

could you give me some timing tips and more?

thats great and a good and the biggest news of today in start of this month @stephenkendal ,,,,we know in the start of first month the price of steem was on top with the highest percentage increased and now in the start of this month this big news are showing us the steem boom in this year and i believe on this that in the end of this year we will see the good result of steem and steem price will be more than 100$ and steem market cap will be more high from all cryptos like btc eth and othes after some years and your mission is the big part behinde of this succesfull steem

keep it up always and give more good news like this all of us @stephenkendal best of luck for your great mission


Thats for giving us hope and shrng this good news

I read this earlier and knew instantly that it would be very big news for STEEM and the Steemit platform. According to Metcalfe's law alone, this should have a very positive effect on the price of STEEM, which will make all of us happier of course and is very beneficial for the platform.

There are some big things coming for Steemit; I am curreently looking for support in setting up 1) A Steemit Beginner's incubator and 2) A marketing campaign to promote Steemit (I work in ICO consultancy and would be more than happy to bring my skills to promoting Steemit if I got the support). now thaty Steemit is on Binance, it is the perfect time to advertise to that target market and to really show Binance users the benefit of the platfrom, while it is still fresh and new to them.

Thanks for always sharing these informative posts @stephenkendal, I would love to chat more if you are on Steemit Chat or Discord.

This is really a great achievement for Steem to get listed on Binance.. This will just boost the growth of this great platform by many folds... Really exciting time ahead!

This is great news for the Steem Blockchain,January we had big websites talking about Steem and now this listing,we are shooting up soon.

Let me create an account on Binance now.


There is no stopping Steem anymore!

ohh yeah @stephen really its a biggest and breaking news today and i am so happy that they listed steem on binance in steem/btc steem/eth stee/bnb pair and sure its the success of steem and hope the steem will be on top in every exchange and it will be possible with your efforts for bring more awairness of steem in world and this thing make steem blockchain more strong
great news for all of us @stephen and also massive congratulations to you , bcz you are also a big part of this success

Thanks a lot @stephenkendal for this great piece of info. The PARTY has just started. This will penetrate STEEM further into the main-stream.

It will make much easier for people to Transact STEEM and trade it on one of the best exchanges out there. This news really got me so excited. Thanks again!

Wow that's great news for me as I love to use binance wallet for my exchange and I'm so much happy with this news. It's great you revealed this news on steemit

I think this is also biggest achievement in steem promotion. Now I can say this will gonna rock and hit the top this year

And we all are waiting for this moment when steem currency becomes some valuable for all cruptoian

Tahnsk sir for sharing such an amazing news here ❤️❤️

wowowow this is great news, saw it on medium couldn't believe until i had to dig in to read more tweets that stated same thing.

and for the promo-steem tag sire it has been massive and kindly take a look @project-atlas the project was set up to promote steem and help minnows who can't find there way around for the first time to get to know some facts about the website, make them feel family and have a community of oneness(we need support)

Yeah, I heard this news on different platforms and I was wondering that why you didn't post yet, informed us by posting here as you are the most active person here.

Binance is my favorite exchange wallet that's why I'm cloud on nine today. Finally we can kick out BITTREX and Poloniex. Which suffers numbers of issue for me.

Thank you so much for making this post and informed us. THUMBS UP

wow so so cool and happily moment for me to listen this great news from you @stephenkendal sir ,,,
and now i am seeing the steem as the world best blockchain as you say i heared some days ago the binance team said they canot add steem on binance but to see this news now sure no body can stop the steem success in in crypto world and also in whole world ,,sure steem will be strong blockchain and the world best bussines for all bussines comunities after some time
many many congratulations and also many many thanx for give me great news about steem every day ....i really say thanx to you sir for reach steem on this point with your great promo work for steem
we all with you and on your great work and celebrate with you the steem succes always

Yes this is true.....great news and great achievement for steem always play important role in high price of cryptocurrency....Thanks for the news


Excellent news for Steem now being listed on Binance!
Binance is a large exchange that has low trading fees as well as having fast transaction processing.


Nice, i compiled the image by @stephenkendal and produced thi comp image of all the proof that steem was actually added to binance!

using it in my latest post where I thanked stephen for this update

this is a biggest huge achievement for STEEMIT that STEEM is not accepted by the biggest ever wallet binance...I'm so happy with this news. Just loving it this news
STEEM should be accepted by other wallets as well. Well thank you sir for sharing this great news with us.

Keep sharing such stuff

Wow this is amazing news indeed binance is one the biggest exchange and listing steem in binance means more growth in steem price excellent, thanks for sharing this all important news with us and i am on my way to reopen my binance account, Stay blessed friend

Saw this from binance Facebook. Now it’s the time 🚀🚀🚀🚀☺️


StephenPKendal Stephen P Kendal tweeted @ 01 Feb 2018 - 10:50 UTC

Newsflash: Binance lists $STEEM. You can now purchase $STEEM at @binance_2017. #PromoSteem #Cryptocurrency @Steemit… /

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.



Really nice STEEM ad! 👍


Like it. It says it all!

Really?!!! Finally! Now this is getting exciting! Especially with the Bitcoin crashing today. Whew.

very useful information given....

This is great news for we the users on the platform. Binance listing steem will influence the prices to go higher.
Lets open binance accounts and give it a shot

Your information is good for me and every one Keep it up I am following you and i am new here

Omg! This is such a great news! I was always hopeful about steem this is just another indication of it to going high! Just opened an account in binance! 😊😊

This is extraordinary news for the Steem Blockchain,January we had huge sites discussing Steem and now this listing,we are shooting up soon.thanks for share. i really impress your post.

Very useful news, to improve the horizons of user steemit, thank you very much for the advocacy. Especially successful @ stephenkendal.

so cool and joyfully minute for me to listen this awesome news from you @stephenkendal sir ,,,

also, now I am seeing the steem as the world best blockchain as you say I heared some days prior the binance group said the canot include steem binance yet to see this news now beyond any doubt no body can stop the steem accomplishment in world and solid blockchain and the world best bussines for all bussines comunities

numerous congrats and furthermore numerous thanx for give me awesome news about steem consistently ....i truly say thanx to your sir for reach steem on this point with your extraordinary promo work for steem

wow, the platform is great! it's a great news to all Steemians...Thank you for the information @stephenkendal

well a great news you give us today and i am so happy to hear this news and the great achievment fo steem, that finally binance listed steem and now we can trade in some pairs and hope we will see sbd on binance soon
congratulations to all steemians an steemit members who support to steem like you @stephenkendal..........

Steemit is accelerating at a higher rate.
Let's keep kindling the fire those at promo-steem

Nice info buddy, thanks for sharing. Useful for me. Good job

Steem and everything related to it is really gaining momentum! That is the breaking news of the day!!

Wow.... Steem is moving damn fast
The last time steem hit 2m transaction a day now on binance

Finally. Steem to the moon!

This is extraordinary news for the Steem Blockchain,January we had huge sites discussing Steem and now this listing,we are shooting up soon.

just registered on binance yesterday but I still didn't explore on it yet. thank you for this information sir.

upvoted and resteemed for sir for others to know.

Thanks God..
This is good news for Steemians.
this will be a great year !

This is amazing news! Finally people can be able to buy Steem a bit more easy :)

welll this is amazing i thanks for post such an amazing post i think you are doing great for .. and we rally need this so far thanks for doing this

Another day with the markets on Red, that news are helping a little bit STEEM that is going down, but not as hard as BTC.

Today we verify that the STEEM price ($4,82) and passed the SBD price ($4,56)! What comes next? SBD to 1 dollar?

omg That is the big achievement finally the steem is accetped by Binance probably the fastest growing exchange .ever!

oh that's great news i just waiting for news like this because bittrex is also banned his new member registration and polonix is also shit due to verification thank u for letting us know. @stephenkendal

It sure will add up a great value for steem and will be looking forward to trade Steem in Binace ;)

thats great news right

This indeed a huge news for the steem family and it is an admitted fact that when a coin gets listed by a famous exchange then a flood of new comers is just waiting for that coin.
So, it is a sure shot thing that steem price is gonna touch it's peak as you talked in some of your previous blogs.

Steem is gonna change the lives of the masses, Hurrah !

Thank you so much for the great news Stephen <3

Very nice video. I totally agree about moving to blockchain with stocks. Maybe current wild, wild west situation is bubble but it is going to work out something workable.

Thanks you so much for the link.... A great news at the start of the this month, The steem value has been a little up and down in the last month but i am pretty sure it will increase now, Steem dollar should be around 7$ to 9$ now...

Steem listed on binance is the news that every steemian would want to hear that, Thanks mate....

Awesome! I'm just a newbie here..its been a month I think since i joined steemit. And Im glad to hear amazing news on this platform. Thanks to @stephenkendal for bringing good news. Glad to see this post, a bit worried coz I was not able to open account to bitrex, it seems that their system is not accepting new users at the moment, now i got binance as an option. Thanks for this post. Itd very helpful.