These last 2 months has seen an explosive growth in the adoption of the Promo-Steem tag, the Website and the newly created @Steem-Ambassador Account. A Massive Thank You..!!

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#Promo-Steem - Launch of the Website


A Massive Thank You

Following on from the recent launch of the new Website and the newly created @Steem-Ambassador Account, I would like to once again say a Massive Thank to everyone for your kind comments and support.

These last 2 months has seen an explosive growth in the adoption of the #Promo-Steem tag, the Website and the @Steem-Ambassador Account and I personally cannot thank you all enough for getting behind this Global Marketing and Promotional Initiative.

There is still a lot of work to do, but I know with your support, I am very confident that we will get #Promo-Steem into the Top 10 Trending Tags by payout.

Promo-Steem logo.png

Please visit the Website at

Member of the @Steem-Ambassador Programme. Please follow @Steem-Ambassador for more details.

Steem-Ambassador logo.png

Once again on behalf of Matt @Starkerz, Dylan @Anarcotech and myself, I would like to say a MASSIVE STEEMIT THANK YOU to you all..!!

Thanks for reading.


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@stephen first i need to give yoou a special thanks that you are introduced that Promo-steem to the steemit and then i am going to congrate on the success of this Tag and its getting so much popular with time i am sure that it will be more successful in the upcoming days and

Promo steem tag is going to keep on increasing cause people are realizing the importance and the value of steemit which is sky rocketing. We will always support you and steemit for our and steemits brighter future. Thanks fot you hard work dedication and patience . You always provide us with the best news and you are promoting steemit like no other.thanks keep it up.

currently steemit users have exceeded 700,000 people and if they all use tag @promo-steem and @steem-ambassador I'm very sure this tag will occupy dozens of times the top and even more

The accounts figures are not to be treated as 1 = 1 organic user. There are probably more dead/idle/shadow/bot accounts than actual user accounts. Even if steemit reaches a mainstrem audience the actual user base will be considerably lower.

Regarding the video. I would be excited about this if the 3 individuals in the video were part of However they are not. As valiant as their efforts are. It's a lost cause. Lost because this is a very niche initiative. The bots will simply make such an initiative pointless or not even worth the time a person puts in.

Curation on steemit is an illusion. While there are many actively manually curating, there are more and more users utilizing the bot voting system. There are also more and more bots coming into existence offering the same service. It is only a matter of time before manual curation is completely whitewashed, leaving steemit to exist as just another advertisers playground.

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yes first of all massive thanx to you @stephen that you started this great mission for steem blockchaina and the steem comunity and with the promo-steem tag and with the steem ambassodar and also we followed the steem-amabassodar and registered on webiste and see the updates from steem-ambassodar always,,
good work from steem-ambassodar's last post to see the @starkerz wit mega phones to call people and bankers for steem and also gave the steem bussines cards....
you work and also yout team work is great for steem and i really appriciate you for your efforts and keep your best work for steem always @stephen ,,,,,again massive thanx

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thats great and good to heared about promo-steem tag in top tags in your some days old post and more good thing the good work and give updates with the steem-ambassodar from your all great team,,,i believe that you and your team give us and also teh steem blockchain a great and brightest future with your great work and now you brougt many awairness of steem in us and also in new persons who joined steemit just now and who still not join from twitte and the promosteem tag will bring more awairness in twitter members
best wishes @stephenkendal for this great journey with @promo-steem , @steem-ambassodar and @promosteem and also website

yeah its really good to hear of adoption of promo-steem and steem-ambassador and really great work for promoting steem with the promo-steem tag and also the yesterdays big news the promosteem tag in twitter is good to see this tag in twitter and hope this promosteem tag will famous and on top in twitter like in and the all twitte user will use this great tag one day
many many thanx to you @stephekendal sir for your brilliant work for promoting steem and also give the good newses about steem everyday

I'm really excited to see this @stephenkendal! Congratulations and I'll make sure that I support in any way that I can.

Are you looking for help on the marketing side of this project, the business develpment, research, writing or general admin? I really would love to get involved and I am happy to give my time voluntarily, as I am all for supporting Steemit projects that benefit the community.

#promo-steem has been an inspiration to promoting steemit for me and many others and also for the #credo community, we pray it hits to 10 in payouts soonest, thanks to #promo-steem, @anarcotech, @steem-ambassador and @starkerz for the great job and support they are giving.

This is second most exciting news I had today and You made my steem tag now becomes viral and playing important role in promotion as well

Steemit will rock soon and becomes number one social media website among all other currently websites.

Steemit not only providing money to us but a great ENCYCLOPEDIA

I can say you are the ONE who is behind this promotion and these brightest achievements.

Please keep continueing promotion of steemit and make this worlds best site. ❤️❤️❤️

We are thankful to you too!!! For this love ❤️

You deserve the full credit @stephenkendal, all the appreciation and accolades for bringing #Promo-Steem tag and @Steem-Ambassador account and i am sure that even Website will perform great!

Thanks for thr leadership and the encouragement.
We really appreciate your curation efforts on the promo-steem tag.

I need to submit my steem-ambassador application next week as we are also getting more Steemit exposure here.

I recently(2 or 3 days ago) did a TV interview with a local TV Station here and more interviews are coming.

yes, its a wondeeful news and very excited that our steemit family is growing and being promoted in diffrerent platform and getting known by more and more peolple..Last two months are like magic for us as mny good things had happened...Thanks for making steemit [email protected]

Wow that a great news that steem is getting bigger and better day by day...Steemit has been a lot helpfu to alll steemit user and it very easy to do work here as it is simple more than other cryptocurrency...Thank you for sharing this news with us..@stephenkendal

Yes last two months were very good month for us and we were recognized and promoted by various platform...I am very excited as we are growing as a steemit family stronger...I hope with the leadership of ambassador like you we have more good news to hear in coming months...Thanks for sharing your [email protected]

you are most welcome, we are glad to be in steemit family steemit is the fastest growing crypto and amazing community which generate huge opportunity for the people it's the life changer that's y growing day by day ... hope it will grow more in coming days @stephenkendal

wow its an amazing news and im glad to hear it and steemit is the only crypto which can grow day by day and become so popular for the communities and country's. congratulations to you for the huge promotion and growth @stephenkendal

Wow great it it has been very helpful to us as it simple to run and we can earn money very easily...I am very thankful to steem it has been great help..Steem has been getting popular because of it own function and because of you who are promoting steem..Glad to hear news..@stephenkendal

wow im very happy to hear this news of amazing growth of steemit and steemit is the best platform for the community and for the investors , its is just the beginning of steemit soon its will be the blast f the crypto world @stephenkendal

Well done guys, what an achievement!!

Excellent work @stephenkendal... I've already created the #promo-dubai hashtag and we came up with a discord channel for it. I'm waiting for our first meetup event end of this month to do my ambassador application :)

The promo'steem tag is what has helped me in uganda to grow. If it wasnt for the promo tag support we whouldnot have steemers In Uganda
I signrd up on the promo websit but I cant long in what can I do

Thankyou @stephenkendal for the strong part your playing in promoting steemit. The #promo-steem tag, #steem-ambassador and the website are a massive influence in promoting steemit.
More users are joining with this awareness program. And more people are getting out of poverty.

steem is on the rise :)

This is huge!
Congratulations to the team!
You rock!

More power!

That is a great news for all of the steem user..Steem is the greatest cryptocurrency websites as it so helpful easy to run and we can laso great amount of money..Glad i join it..Loved the niews..@stephenkendal

good post thanks

You are most welcome SIR @Stephenkendal! You are the greatest inspiration for all of us who is playing a vital role to promote steemit by breaking his back. And, in this journey we all are with you.

This is obvious that #PromoSteem Tag will going viral and up day by day. This will play a crucial role in it. Keep promoting (Y)

This is the most best and exciting news I heard from this morning till now. We all are happy with this. Congrats for newly created @Steem-Ambassador account :)

You are really doing a great work .this idea will help promote steemit and bring in more follower. Keep it up

Thanks fot you hard work dedication and patience . You always provide us with the best news and you are promoting steemit like no other.thanks keep it up.

Upvoted. Always great material. Please consider my blog as well. I currently have 80,000+ followers on Youtube, Twitter, and here combined where my goal is to help improve the crypto community. I'm a crypto analyst in the community with high accuracy calls, and a focus on improving YOUR trading game in a concise and educational manner.

incredible news that steem is showing signs of improvement day by day...Steemit has been a ton helpfu to alll steemit client and it simple to do work here as it is basic more than other cryptocurrency...Thank you for offering this news to us..@stephenkendal

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its better than average to know about selection of promo-steem and steem-diplomat and extremely incredible work for advancing steem with the promo-steem tag and furthermore the yesterdays huge news the promosteem tag in twitter regards see this tag in twitter and expectation this promosteem tag will renowned and on top in twitter like in and the all twitte client will utilize this awesome label one day

numerous thanx to you @stephekendal


yes! promo steem is very good, hopefully more advanced.

well thanks for sharing such amazing information .. can i have some more info about steem ambassador

thats another great posta nd news to hear success of this promo-steem tag and also the steem-ambassodar and this steem-ambassodar and website is new for me because i juste followed you 2 days ago and didnot know about website so thanx for share it again and now am going to register on wesite and also follow to steem-amabassodar account
thanx @stephenkendal for your good promo work and more good to give updates on all it

follow me i like you:)

Promo-steem as my inspiration and now Ill be able to promote steemit on our local tv station this feb 13! thank you @stephenkendal

We really appreciate what you do. The promo steem tag should help up do great things by getting more people on board.

thanks again, the stunning promo steem, and be an inspiration for me, do not forget to contact my blog ...

Thanks for all what you do guys, great work !!!
Best regards

@stephenkendal thank you for the hard work you made to give us this information and show us the other side of steemit i wish that we can find in this community a lot of friends like you your post it so helpful and great thanks for sharing with us 😊🌷

i enjoy your post! thanks

All good promo for steemit is good for all of us - upvoted

a surprise is Steem will continue to increase because people are realizing the importance and value of Steemit, which is fired crazy with cristomania, and we have to continue to support, all the friends that enter the steemit, for being our allies, in the network and our future and every day more we learn something new. Thanks for news and Steemit is promoting to achieve great success.

At the top tag in your post a few days, the promo stem tag is the good things and updates from Steam Ambassador to your great team. Be sure that you and your team make us a great and bright future with your great work, and now you are involved in the many awesome and new people of steam, who just ran away. And will still not be able to find the wallet and bring more promot tags @stephenkendal

you guys have really done a good job, I hope you get the label and I support you and your work to the end @stephenkendal

There is no doubt at all that steem flood is really unstoppable now and it is actually increasing day by day. Credit should be given to all thoesse selfles authors who worked really hard to promote this awesome platform all over the social media sites.

Yes, now we are a huge family and we are working realy hard to spread the vision of @ned all over. Thank you so much Stephen, we all love you <3

What a magnificent news sir just outstanding sir, Great information sir

...........................................................@upvoted ..............................................

Steem-promo ? first time i see this tag And your post is good for all steemians keep it up

Wow amazing pormo steemt, I like it

Yeah! It seems very great for all steemians and all the best for steem promo. Hope It will gonna rock.

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its good to hear about promo steem .. Thank you for the leadership and the encouagement ..

I'm so grateful to be introduced to this wonderful platform. Thanks to steemit.


love this not just the uk needs to know about steem I think 3rd world countries can benefit huge from this and even western culture can learn from other peoples lives , the value of the content is far better as well as the comments back then say youtube

thanks also from us hopefully useful....!!!!!

Thank you for the promo-steem initiatives Stephen!! You're being a spectacular contribution for the growth of the community!

Steem On

Great idea congrats. I checked the page and it looks interesting, I think this project will promote our community a lot

Very good